Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Leaning Forward

Swoosh and away we go into the third week of July 2011. Talk about fast and furious, its been just that throughout the entire year and we are ready to shift gears into an Indian summer shortly. In the meantime, the keyboards are ready to tap the latest from COP 24/7!!  Here we go!

Beebe Talk Talk: Take 3

This forum several post back, addressed Arkansas Stonewall Democrats first ever community talk with Gov. Beebe held last month and the subsequent murmuring about the groups lukewarm response to his positions and observations of the GLBTQ community. Although I agree that he has the right to his opinion, what bothers me is the fact that since that revelation of how he really feels took place, there's not much that has been said overall by the community in letters to the Editor, no Op-Eds, and not to mention I got no comments whatsoever in this forum. However, I did get a copy of the open letter that was apart of the CAR Notes media piece to which I found stimulating and deserving of an "Amen" from the amen corner. This well written and thought out item penned by Executive Director Randi Romo echo's what I've believed every since I approached being apart of social justice activity some 30 years ago. Wow, I'm dating myself but believe me, I'm proud to still be around telling it like it I see it. The letter speaks of Gov. Beebee's lack of cultural competency, "that's just the way is folks" attitude and don't rock the boat viewpoint eloquently while openly chiding local factions concerning what I've termed as a fractured community. Romo cites "finger pointing" and the lack of trust as barriers to gaining equality. She touts that organizing and advocating in a strategic manner is a viable direction to affect change to which I must agree. For the most part, I agree with the tone and sentiments expressed in their entirety concerning the local situation. I've been apart of meetings of this nature many, many, many time previous where we have a groundswell of "light bulb" moments, a grand start off with surefire plans that usually go into the tank just shortly afterwards. Can you say Capitol Pride, Positive Voices, The League, and groupo XYZ. Oops I said I wouldn't name names, but it just had to be said. They came, they saw and they went to organization trash heap. Now to be fair, Romo is exactly right with her observations especially to what appears to strained relationships and perceptions that may not be honest assessments of individuals or organizations. By no means do I feel that taking another stab at this process is futile, but rather I endorse the notion with the caveat that those folks who come to the table be prepared to stay at the table when there's a food fight or what have you. If no body is in it to win it, then why bother with another exercise in pretending to want social change with a series of meetings, big ideas and no money to support the effort. Romo gets a COP 24/7 high-five for at least trying. Best of luck and I'll be watching. 

To Sag or NOT to Sag is the question

I'm really showing  my age with this outing because of an item that was forwarded to me to clarify some questions I had about an incident that occurred to Dershon Marman aboard a US Airways flight from San Francisco a minute or so ago. I had seen the issue of his "sag look" and the subsequent action of the aircraft pilot with police in tow when they removed him from the flight in handcuffs. Stories abound about what exactly happed, of course he said he told the flight attendant that he would "pull his pants up" when he got to his seat, which I not sure exactly means that he was complying with the request when he first attracted attention. Then, supposedly the exchange between the Captain and Mr. Marman somehow went awry and who knows exactly how that went down. All that seemed down was Dershon's pants and I've had a problem with this look for sometime. According to Colorofchange.org they are framing the situation from a viewpoint that Mr. Marman was "profiled" and subject to a civil rights double standard because this gent was demonstrating this "cultural trend." Wow is that what all these underwear exposed penguin walking fashion victims have been doing? They are "culturally trending" down the streets in front of my house, in the malls, supermarket, parks and restaurants with apparently no modesty or respect for anyone but themselves. In full disclosure I use to shed my shirt at the local Tea Dance, participated in Under gear parties privately and I am a slave to fashion, but I can't get with this look culturally or otherwise. I have learned that some gay bars have new policies barring the look and I was totally surprised at local eatery Khalil's signage which listed that the "sag" look would not be tolerated in their facility. So what is all this? Is it a discriminatory practice? Can sagging be a beacon for a system that is seen as "criminalizing and penalizing" Black youth for what Colorof change states is "no difference of behavior," to which I say exactly what the hell does that mean. I fully understand that Black youth certainly live in challenging times with a mind field of possibilities that could land them in jail. But, in  my opinion the true crime that being overlooked is allowing these youth to present themselves with pants riding underneath their buttock while displaying color drawers of all sorts. As for Mr. Marman, I wonder why would anyone show up at the Airport is such a disarray to begin with especially if he's so smart and considerate as he's being portrayed. For that matter, why are any of these boys and yes believe it or not, Ladies seem to think that this cultural trend is so appealing. Hey note to this folks, It's just plain ole silly and messy. It ain't cute nor pretty folks no matter what ethnic group you belong too.  

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