Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Tuesday Voices Carry

The Body is a online resource for HIV/AIDS information and links to other supportive services.Earlier this year the site, updated it's African American sub-section in an effort to continue to outreach to MSM community that has continued to impacted by this health dilemma. Various studies including one initiated by the Kaiser Foundation, found that more information on transmission, access to care and testing seemed to be needed. Although many practitioner's have scoffed at this finding, the growing incidences of positive results are still spiking in the people of color communities. Included in that updated section is a host of blogs and video blogs from a host of activist, advocates and those living affected or infected by the disease. One such contributor is Justin B. Terry who may be one of the most public African Americans living with HIV: He has his own blog and Web site, and he's even on YouTube. And who can blame him? Only 30, he already has an incredible story to tell. Justin admits he used to live "a very dangerous life," but since his diagnosis three years ago, the former heavy drinker and drug user has turned his life around. Hear his words and share your thoughts with this forum as we forge ahead with the latest breakthroughs, links, updates and resources for both the local and statewide HIV/AIDS community. For more info check out: www.livingaffected.org

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