Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Periscope Up in a 360

What can we say. We do our best to, our damn best mind you, to stay on top of the latest breaking news, updates, links, opinions and our special brand of "hot topics." But, it's a daunting task in case you don't know and we're facing the challenge head on without changing course. We appreciate the support that has been coming our way and we look forward to ramping up our return with a special event in the near future. COP 24/7 has always been about community whether its the good, bad or the ugly that we have to put on front street for discussion. In the past a few folks have attempted to pigeon hold this forum as some type of "internal hate" platform while doing what we have become known for, by asking the questions that no one else will. We've made it our business to call out policy makers, local point persons who promise much but deliver little and have chided our community for its uneven and often lackluster engagement of issues or support to area agencies. This forum has noted on numerous occasion's why their is no actual tabloid or newspaper functioning in this city and what it would take to make such a venture take place. But until then, this forum has stood in the gap to as the only daily updating portal for LGBTQ Arkansans and we know that you are out their checking in on us as your "go to" site for what's really going on. Come follow us here, subscribe, RSS feed or bookmark us. We are exploring more ways to connect to you either digitally or by mobile mode. COP 24/7 smart, savvy and staying on point in 2011.

Til Debt Do Us Part

In an earlier post, the debt ceiling issue and the overall deficit problem was touched on by a CBS News video that offered a snapshot on the dilemma. It seems that many Americans and probably many of you reading this, are not exactly clear to how this could possibly affect you. If not you, maybe some one you know. So what's at stake here?  It's all about whether the U.S. Government will be able to meet its debt obligations, in which that report stated that only about 57% of those obligations could be met. Meanwhile government funded efforts such as possible national park services, military checks, social services payments such as medicaid or medicare could go unpaid, or bonds, 401K accounts and other financial matters could be affected. How did we get here? You have to go back several administrations to determine that the formulation of "tax cuts, loopholes, corporate mish-mash add in two wars and viola you get today's economic meltdown." In a nutshell, what's needed in our opinion is two big spoon's full of spending cuts, several dashes of no loopholes and a eliminating cup of tax cuts would be a good start. Note to the Beltway: Let's Get it Done people, stop wasting time with the BS. We're on to you all and theirs gonna be hell to pay come election time.

Little Rock Black Pride Announces Events

It fell into my e-box and when I opened it, I didn't know what to think. Then I thought alright, let's read this for clarity before we make any pronouncements. And here we go. Little Rock Black Pride will host a July 22-23 event themed," Sex and the City". According to at least two versions of the fliers that I've seen, there will be a Friday "Top & Bottom party with guest host Meko, FlavaMen models and other invited guest. Then Saturday's "A-List" party will feature logos' Noah Arc star, Rodney Alex Chester and more FlavaMen models. Supposedly there are to be other activities such a Meet & Greet Mixer and pool party which I seen on flier but not on others, if you're really interested check the contact info listed below. Now, I'm all about a party, and certainly will be promoting our Swirl: Diversity in Motion event set for October 14, but I'm also about partying with a purpose. The Swirl event will announce it's charity choice in the coming weeks along with more details, however, with there being so many social issues that need addressing among people of color, surely the organizers could have programmed some substance to this line up. In the past, I've approached this entity about possibles, only to be deflected with curt attitudes and indifference. Believe it or not, It was mentioned to me personally that some of my suggestion were "too white" for consideration. I've heard this many times among my SGL folk, who for some reason take the position that "bouncing butts and boxes," somehow make up for "brains" which is what it will take to deal with spikes in sexually transmitted diseases, access to treatment, short circuited policy makers and more testing resulting in more positive cases in this city. Its find and dandy to party like a rock star, but lets not forget that it would certainly be good to find time for empowerment, self efficacy and personal responsibility while doing so. For more info:  or 501.398.0307 It's going down at the Clear Channel Complex, 1020 Colonel Glen Road. Hopefully some one will tell me all about it since I will be on the road networking and moving about the social justice set that week. Esepcially in case I run into Mr. Earl Fowlkes, President of the International Federation of Black Prides while I'm again on the road in D.C keeping this neck of the woods connected nationally and globally. 

First Youth Center Opens

Congrats to the Center for Artistic Revolution on opening the LMH Youth Center, 800 Scott Street which will serve as a drop in "hub" for youth and their peers where they can access peers, watch videos, use the cyber center or LGBTQ centric library space. Dedicated last Friday, the center will also be used by CAR's  DYSC program which consist of an agency developed curriculum based on organizing, advocacy, and cultural education. The center has launched a "wish list" seeking donations from computers to used furniture to complete furnishing needs. COP 24/7 applauds projects such as this and encourages those in the community who have resources to share to do so. These efforts just don't happen people, some one makes it happen. This is the rally cry for any and all things that we believe that we deserve in this city.  If you would like to donate or get more info you can contact them at or tell them we told ya at 501.244.9690

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