Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roustabout Rainbows

Hold on, its fast and furious as COP 24/7 bust a move this Thursday as our in-box runneth over with more than could make the cut for this outing. So, without any further blah, blah, blah, let's go get em....

Stonewall Speaks

After some mumbling and grumbling from various sections of the community concerning a response to Gov. Beebe's visit last month, the Stonewall Democrats have been "talking out loud" to whoever will listen. In a Arkansas Democrat Op-Ed item (7.18.11), SDC President Eric McDaniel speaks to what he cites as compelling and critical aspects to Arkansas' and America's "progress" in the struggle for GLTBQ equality. He triumphs the visit as "historic" which from the onset it is considering most likely no other sitting Governor probably has never ever been asked but as a term limited official what really did Beebe have to loose by not showing up. Bad PR, maybe? I'm sure his folks like Matt Decample decided that it was a safe move for him  to be seen and heard in front of GLBTQ people even though he had nothing to say to us in his first term except "get lost and take your gay cash with you!" Mc Daniel states that this meeting demonstrated that "we have a seat at the table," and I'd like to know where's that table so I can see who is occupying the seats in lieu of our reported item from CAR's Randi Romo who is seeking to gather forces for an impending strategy meeting of the minds. Anyway, McDaniel is correct when he outlines that there has been change from a Democratic President that was rebuffed and almost dismissed by much of the GLBTQ community because they felt that he was not progressing on lavender topics. However, as time would have it, President Obama has roared through with repealing DADT, trouncing on DOMA and has openly gay administration staff members including transgendered appointee, Amanda Simpson at DOC's Bureau of Industry and Security. Even more important that McDaniel left off his list was the fact the Obama pushed forth the first National AIDS Strategy that charts a groundbreaking course of action to address this health dilemma. Can you name any other American President to consistently and openly speak to and about GLBTQ issues either on our turf or from the bully pulpit of the White House. I think not. Does this make him perfect, not hardly but he's made bold steps during his term. 
Meanwhile, "legitimate opportunities exist for change in Arkansas," muses McDaniel and I have no qualms with that observations, however, let's be real about it. We've heard more from Stonewall Democrats in the last few weeks than we've heard from them anytime soon. Also, if Romo is now asking for folks to come together to forge pathways for the future, then where has the Stonewall Democrats been with its crafted professional messages as they state. Case in point, I don't recall any public blather in defense of Jay Barth from those gay baiting slurs from his competitor Linda Poindexter Chester or any chit-chat on the murder of local personality and transgendered Alexis Fairchild, and I haven't heard much from them in this forum which has been in place for say the last 5 years? Alright enough already. The bottom line is that we all got some work to do and it's gonna take you, you and you damn it you too! Mc Daniel's article gets a COP 24/7 Shout OUT! Otherwise, may I suggest to readers of this forum and beyond to discover a organization that you believe that you can feel passionate about and get busy!  Needs to groups to check out, hit us up in our comment section. We'd love to share a few....

FOOD Inc.: What Are U and I Eating???

When I need to break off from reality, I go into a darken room, get comfortable, prepare myself and then click on my favorite guilty pleasure, a movie of my choice. Its my best therapy without getting dressed to go the office. This week I watched Food Inc. a great documentary that probably many of you would not bother with or desire to see. After all, nothing blew up, no body got blowed and the message was simple, "we need to be concerned with what is going into bodies and where is it coming from." This film was filled complete with alarming statistics and images that vividly illustrated that we are taking our consumption for granted. When was the last time you read a food label not just for the calorie count but what ingredient's are making tasty or substantial for storing. As a foodie and Caterer, I probably pay attention to this more than many of you for various reasons. Yet, its imperative that as consumers we become keenly aware of that many food stuffs travel thousand of miles to reach us, not to mention that the film made the point that our supermarkets are basically "seasonaless" and we have fresh this or that all the time. How can their be fresh fruit all year round or what may appear to be summer vegetables in mid-fall. Its because they come from numerous places around the globe due to marketplace demands. It seems that we will pay almost at any cost to have it when we wanted no matter the impact on our environment or the carbon footprint it leaves. I'm really working on that carbon footprint  Most disturbingly and eye-opening is the ongoing battle with genetically modified foods" that are creeping into the pipeline and now for unsuspecting shoppers to know the country of origin of some foods. I think twice about buying "catfish from Vietnam or Thailand" versus homegrown products. The film also emphasized that each of us take charge of our pantries by considering herb gardens, vegetable gardens and shopping with local farmer markets. As a basically healthy eater, I've come to understand as well as realized that the old adage of "you are what you eat," is very true and it affects you throughout your life span. So when you are invited to my next dinner party or event occasion expect to see some healthy choices along side those sinful indulges.  

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