Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tune up Thursday

What's trending today? You name it and it's caught this forums attention ranging from that raging deficit/debt ceiling debate, crazy folk gone wild to Harry Potter mania. It's all golden material, ripe for use and we are not going waste a minute diving in into the fray. It's Bastille Day and let's roll with it...

Obama Bounces from the Hip

"Enough is Enough!" No that 80's Streisand and Donna Summer anthem, but rather President Obama putting his foot down about this debit ceiling mash-up that I imagine he's just sick about it. Sick about it enough to state that this shot-caller, big- baller is prepared to roll snake eyes on table in the West Wing of the White House. Obama not only has put the holy trinity of "medicare, social security and medicaid" in his hip pocket as a power play, he now states that he's ready to play the "Big Joker" of his presidency to get this shit done and hopefully by this Friday. News accounts vary, but I can just imagine Brother O making the case, stating the facts, hearing more BS and giving the GOP obstructionist the "hand" and pimping back to the oval office. You go Mr. O. because by all appearances you're not having it and we the American people have just about had enough as well. The ideology promoted by GOP supporters that because the upper echelon of business types have done well, they don't deserve or are not capable of paying their fair share or more from those bank accounts busting at the seams. It's not secret that many CEO's are raking in the loot including stock options and bonuses to boot. It's a proven fact that there are tax havens such as the Cayman Island is where lots of Benjamin's are hiding in plain sight and untouchable by Uncle Sam. This "cash shuffle" includes numerous corporations who move their profits through a network of shell companies and digital monetary networks. Hedge funds, tax loopholes, subsidies and the three Card Monte that is the U.S. tax code all have played into this "kicking the can down the road" mentally that has plagued our government for decades. So now, here we are with the battle of the Titans playing out as the clock ticks away. I'm sure we have some reserves to continue to pay out but the whole "default" mess makes us look like a country in disarray to say the least. Note to power players: Obama know when to hold them and when to fold em. Keep your game face on and let the chips fall where they may. Call em out and then dare em to default.  

News Diva Rachel Maddow Rocks

What's there not to like about MSNBC's self proclaimed "political geek," Rachel Maddow. In my opinion, nothing. She's a aptly educated, thoroughly interesting although sometimes quirky broadcaster that brings it nightly. Hey folks, Maddow is no joke when it comes to knowing what's really going on and drilling down on those folks who step to her with a lot "talk-talk" and no substance. Usually I never miss Maddow's broadcast and often time watch it a second time later in the evening to make sure that I didn't miss anything. Recently, she did a segment on what I term "those crazy folks gone amuck among us," featuring a cast of characters that announced that proclaimed that TV icon, Oprah Winfrey as a "anti-Christ entity posing as good person," that the black birds that fell from the skies in Beebe Arkansas was somehow connected to a divine intervention channeling through the Governor who also shares the name Beebe concerning the "don't ask" action from former president Clinton, then there's the profit who believes that Barrack Obama governance is conflicted because he's only "part black" unlike Herman Cain who is black all the way to the bone! Maddow distinctively wanted to point out to the audience that "wacko fringe" needs monitoring and by all means watching. Can you imagine that many of these folks have platforms to share this madness not to mention that they actually have followers. I should be so lucky to get such devoted followers who who send me a donation to keep this platform up to par. Ms. Maddow doesn't blink when putting these types including Ugandan nut wing David Bahati who wanted to somehow cleanse Uganda of homosexuals by "killing all the right people." This guy told Maddow that he had bona fide proof that homosexuals were using "thousands" of dollars to produce video's to teach the countries youth on how to be gay. Maddow pressed this lawmaker to the fullest and left an open invite for him to present his proof, which to date he has not. Each night I sit waiting for Maddow, to put it all out on front street for me to gaze and be amazed. She never fails me with her quick witted journalistic style, when she comes out swinging on those who want to play her for a fool or those who take the low road with references to her sexuality to which she has no shame. All hail the Maddow and tune in if you want to hear about topics that no one else is talking about.

StoneWall Talking Out Loud

There's been a bit of grumbling and murmuring about the tepid response from the Stonewall Democrat Caucus in response to their Gov. Beebe programming a few weeks back. From best I can tell, it seems that SDC sort of "soft balled" their response and it was not the pointed bravado that one would expect from such an organization. This was the tone that I got from the various circulated e-mails and FB posting from locals who wanted to "feel some fiery verbiage" from McDaniel and crew. Phil Martin and John Brummet have chimed in with thoughtful responses and forward thinking commentary supportive of the GLBTQ community and critical of the good Gov. Apparently all of this "talk-talk" has prompted the group to call for discussions on how the organization can keep matters moving forward. Now, this forum has not only raise certain issues that have impacted this community but openly inquired about what the "agenda" will look like and what is prioritized. Let me throw out few for consideration: 1. Cultural Competency training  2. Political 101??  3. HIV/AIDS crisis funding? The list could be endless or shortsighted depending who is enlisted to make the determination. Alright, SDC, we'll await your future announcement and see just where you are coming from. In the meantime, as with all organizations you charitable contributions are welcomed and highly suggested if we are to make any en roads for this effort. 

NABMWT Regional Midland Meeting

The Midland Regional Meeting of NABWMT, October 14-16, 2011, is seeking volunteers, contributors and in-kind gifts to support the weekend event. Online registration is now underway at and additional details can be found on the platform. The weekend will feature a Friday Welcome to Little Rock Mixer, Saturday sightseeing tour and evening reception, closing with a Sunday Grand Brunch. The Board of Director will be meeting on Saturday morning to discuss future projects and development.This is the first visit of NABWMT to the city of Little Rock, check out the groups website at  For more info contact:  

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