Friday, July 08, 2011

Spin Down Friday

Yeah it's another TGIF and it's still hot in the city not to mention here at COP:24/7. Keeping two computers busting out content for this forum as well as other matters that inhabit my busy world takes a great multi-tasker at best. How do we do it? Why do we do it? Should we be doing it? Why hell yes of course. We value your readership and always welcoming your input and exchanges. We know that you are out their in Star City, Cabot, Mena, Pine Bluff and many points beyond. Come follow us, put your picture or image in the following COP 24/7 banner. We are here to bring you more of what you have been asking for! Now let's go get em....

Here Comes that Sound!!

Are you getting ready for it? Because it's coming and about to blow up all around us. What is it you ask? The deficit budget hatchet. That whacking sound that takes place when lawmakers and President Obama go at it this weekend to try to get er done and make the deal. Apparently, everything is on the table, including the infamous third rail of entitlement spending. You know the holy trinity of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that seems to be in the cross hairs of Republicans and the "no they won't try it issue" of Democrats. My goodness, the parsing of words, oh the political double-speak and the mish-mash of those talking heads who can't seem to get this matter worked out for the betterment of the country. So, those who own corporate jets, hedge funds and all manner of tax loopholes don't embrace the thought that "to whom much is given, much is expected." If there's going to "pain" felt then that pain factor needs to touch all nerves and pocketbooks, if the Washington shot-callers are serious about this exercise. And While we at it let's deal with some of those pesky subsidies and many of the still money wasting earmarks. Yes, my friends the earmarks still live and breathe hidden throughout the budget. Same game with a different frame.  If we are going after the fat then let's go after both of those pork barrels!  The American people are not fools. We know that you lawmakers know what needs to be done but the blame game as well as the tired "gotcha Obama" tactic is going nowhere fast. Let's face it, we got issues and the "tit for tat" BS is serving no one absolutely no one. If I can whack my own budget by limiting my eating out, buying only essential items, streamlining my cable bill to rid myself of all those ESPN 1,2, 3 channels that I don't watch and use coupons for everything possible, then certainly you folks can figure out where to cut and how deep. Note to Lawmakers: Get real and get busy!

Beebe Still Talking

I didn't give a big high five to the Stonewall Democrats for bringing Gov. Beebe to the lavender set about a week back. Even though I missed it, I listened to the full ATEN playback as well as read additional commentary otherwise. Of what Beebe said, I believe is truly what he feels and also believes. He stance that we can "agree to disagree" is sound, but even as a more direct rebuttal was sought from the Stonewall Democrats, it appears that they being Eric McDaniel and company are still trying to find the right verbiage to do so. I checked the website in search of a observation but I have to assume they are still working on that one. Here's a starting point... this is the same guy who didn't want your 2010 "gay donation" because the group represented Gays and Lesbians in this state. Not to mention that he hasn't ever proclaimed a Gay Pride Week, named any openly gay person to his cabinet or considered grasping cultural compentency in his administration. So there's some ammo for use. Also in lieu of that speech,  I was surprised that entire calendar for the rest of 2011 for this entity seems "blank." Really? No workshops to teach advocacy? No forums on public policy? No Request for Proposals? No conferences? No fundraising? Nothing?  Excuse me isn't their a Presidential election cycle already started and shouldn't someone, perhaps anyone be mentoring possible delegates to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a former 2008 delegate seeker, I navigated the system as best I could while learning on the fly. I got no assistance from this group in that process and this speaks volumes to why our political effectiveness is marginal and will continue if there's no learning stream to drink from. Furthermore, if those who witnessed the Beebe mash-up and had such heartfelt disappointment with his blunt positions, then where's the letters to the Editor or Op-Ed's? I got nothing here in the comment section. Where's the protest at the Gov's Mansion? With all that said,  if you didn't get enough from that SDC programming or perhaps feel that Beebe is going to "evolve" on something, then you can get another chance to submit a question to Roby Brock's interview by leaving a comments on his Facebook page or by tweeting @robybrock and use hashtag #TalkPolitics or emailing  Submit your question today and tune into the live stream at or here on our Facebook Page on Wed, July 12 at 10am. 


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