Wednesday, February 29, 2012

COP 24/7 Leaps Onward

Little Rock Being Considered for National Diversity Convention?

It appears that Little Rock has gotten a bit more buzz from that "gay city" ranking that made the rounds in January. Word comes now that The National Association of Black and White Men Together has approached local organizers to bid on hosting their national convention to be held July 18-22, 2013. The bid was submitted and has been recognized by the organizations leadership. The matter will appear as an agenda item during a weekend conference call and the local host committee will be notified just shortly thereafter. The host committee will consist of a cadre of local community based organizations led by the emerging group People of Unity. Under the banner theme "Uniting Bridges to Diversity," the convention will include empowerment sessions, guest speakers, receptions, networking opportunities and interacting with local activities and venues.If you are interested in being apart of the host committee shout out to . As details are released or updated this forum will post across our platforms. ( )

The Eyes of Google: Chasing Cornelius

They're here! The algorithms of Google are lurking here, there and just about everywhere that I've gone or possibly ever been on the Internet. Am I amazed, not hardly, because I began to notice much of this "tracking" over the last few years and watched it get it more sophisticated as we've moved along. However, many of those "in the know" folks believe that much of our privacy is being eroded while being stored in the endless annals of the Google empire. When I've made hotel reservations, I get AD's from that firm and its many locations. Airline reservations? They know where I've been, when and viola, I get either the airlines that I using or a competitor in my sidebar. I've done much online shopping, since its my preference to doing the mall or dealing with zombie sales people who could care less that I'm in the store or what I may be looking for. With customer service at a severe low level, my Internet choices gets me a boat load of e-mail offers, discounts coupons and those "only online" offers that have a time limit attached. The explosion of the power of the Internet causes me to be a mindful about not only where I'm surfing but if any of those searches could be configured into thing nefarious. I realize that Google feels that its delivering me services and products to make may Internet experience better, but at any time that I feel uncomfortable with their antics, I will take action. In the big picture everyone needs to realize that "we all" are being tracked in one way or another. When they ask for your "zip code" its tracking. Phone numbers, social security number or date of birth you are being watched, observed or marketed too from those folks with stuff to sell. And yes this forum has it tracking element also. It allows me to know who's stopping by, reading what and what day's are popular not to mention what day of the hour. I guess I feel that if you can't beat em, join em, sort of. Please know that "Big Brother" is not coming, he's already here and he's not leaving anytime soon. Be aware,very aware.... 

Missing in Action: Arkansas HIV Community Advocates

In response to the SHARP ( State Healthcare Access Research Project) report a local group comprising of various community based entities was to be assembled to facilitate additional discussion on the direction, challenges and opportunities for improving healthcare in Arkansas. Especially the realm of HIV and  AIDS services through out the state which has been described as a "patchwork" system of care. However, after a energetic start, initial meetings, enthusiastic dialogue and folks coming to the table to move the ball forward, it seems that after a few meetings, the effort lost its mojo, steam or interest. Take your pick. So what you ask? Well, this scenario is just another on the "group meeting trash heap" that is more than a mile high in this city when it comes to items dealing with the LGBTQ community. Although everyone involved was not necessarily LGBTQ centric, its the fact that issues directly based within the LGBTQ frame often get "looked at" but usually get the "retreat" attitude after a period of time. Of course, "meeting fatigue" can also be a culprit in this mix, however we can't ignore that this state has no funded entity that is designed to strictly deal with issues that may arise or now exist for the LGBTQ community. We've had Arkasas Gay Rights, Arkansas Gay and Lesbian Task Force and coaliton this and that, but they are shuttered to memory with no outcry from the local gay community. Today we have a few local community based organizations devoted to a myriad of causes from homeless gay youth to sporting events. Each has a primary focus that can't be diluted with too many other factors less their inability to sustain their existence. Especially when attempting to garner a steady stream of financial or otherwise support from within. The AHCA was most likely doomed from the onset, since it had no actual funding stream, no plan to acquire one, loose to non- existent structure because of lack of interest and populated by a lot of busy folks with good intentions whom lost sight of why they were involved in the first place. The hiatus of this group is another reminder that as there is much work to be done on the front of LGBTQ human rights, there is only a "tea cup" of mover and shakers trying to make a difference. All the while working with low or no budgets plus facing challenging issues that many will not or chose not to concerned about. May I suggest that if you know some one working in this arena of humanity, tell them that you appreciate their efforts and if you can write a check, volunteer,or make a donation. Make it your random act of kindness for the day. Try it, you just might like it.

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