Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Grab Bag

Caravan to the Holiday Rescue

Volunteers from the Arkansas Homeless Coalition hosted the 8th Annual Christmas Caravan and
Outreach event on Sunday. Hundreds of homeless and low income families received a little bit of Christmas cheer. "This was really just a blessing," said participant Arcadia Jackson.

Homeless and near homeless families were able to enjoy hearty meals and friendly camaraderie from fellow Arkansans. Jackson said she was overwhelmed by all the love and friendly people she met on Sunday.

Volunteers organized hours of activities and assistance. Rows of cars brought gifts and clothing. Nearly 100 volunteers from churches and local organizations showed up to help out.
"Families collect all year long sometimes and come out here to give gifts and clothing," said Carolyn Turturro, co-chair of the Arkansas Homeless Coalition.

People weren't looking for the typical glittery Christmas gifts; they sought much more useful things like hats, gloves and blankets.
"This time we've got workforce development; we've got services going on with ACA sign up and flu shots," said event organizer Sandra Wilson.

Little Rock Workforce Development even brought computers to help the unemployed look for jobs.
"When they go down and try to apply for jobs, a lot of times people won't even take their applications or even give them the opportunity to fill one out," Wilson said.

She said many of the homeless weren't looking for handouts; they were looking for an opportunity to make their lives better for their families. COP 24/7 applauds the work done by organizers and the cavalry of volunteers as well as contributors to this huge community service. Pictures were provided by Georgia Lopez with source content from KTHV.com

Telling it All to FACEBOOK

In this era of NSA, Edward Snowden, Target's recent data bomb, the Affordable Care Act's hiccup website that caused a collective WTF across the nation, lest we forget that behemoth FACEBOOK where its almost anything goes as far a post are concern. Yes, I've just been damn near amazed to what length or depth that individual will put all their "business" in the digital streets and then some. I never know what will come flying across the news feed at any given time from some poster who wants to check someone, click left and certainly go ham with tantrums ranging from "how the world done them wrong," hey look at my body part A, B or C, to airing whatever dirty laundry they feel needs to globally known.

For example this past week I noticed a Slap-a-Bitch rant going on between some of the Our Gang folks both past and present or otherwise. The level of disdain, name calling, insults and queer phoo that was flung was almost epic. In case you are unaware and most likely you are, there's been no love lost among a few of  these individuals for some time.

There are just too many names, former this or that to even began trying to sort it all out. However what COP 24/7 has determined is that at its core are charges of "two face lies," allegations of theft, lots of finger pointing and can you imagine, "queens with much attitude!" Sounds like Madea needs to bust up in here and start back handing some boys.

Meanwhile, as I read through the thread, I kept thinking "what are these folks thinking" to take this to a medium where it live on famously forever and perhaps regrettably if any of these individual decide to take on a serious career move when they eventually grow up if ever.

Hello and FYI my Facebook people, in case you didn't know many firms both small and large have now added social media to their means of potentially excluding you from the workplace. I'm astounded at persons whom I actually know who are entering the prime of their possible earning power whom take to FB with all manner of exhibition, insipid verbiage and down right stupidity for all the world and any possible employers to consider in their decision to hire or fire your ass.

Just the other day Ms. Justine Sacco, whom "tweeted" an obnoxious statement that "Going to Africa, Hope I don't get AIDS. Just Kidding. I'm White!" was fired so quick by her employer before she ever landed in the country. Another case of "foot and mouth disease" that is all to rampant in the land with no end in sight. May I suggest that you think it through before you take to social media with your rants, tirades, needy candor and or charge that the world is not revolving around you. Think about it and don't forget you have been warned...

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