Monday, December 02, 2013

The COP 27 Reboot 2.0 and Thensome

The Overhaul of COP 24/7

What can one say when they are overscheduled, multi-tasking in a dizzying array of teleconferences, personal meetings, group meet up's, video conferences, cross country travel, back logged projects,
moving policy targets and then trying to have a life that encompasses it all. By now most of you and many of you have said it to my face, "WTF!? do you do this and who keeps up this type of pace?

The answer, "you can but a price" and often times it can be bone crushing if not downright infuriating that you have put yourself in such a position in the first place. Even as on may think that its their "calling," you have to take a moment to endure a reality bite. With that said, many other components of my lively hood were "deprioritized" resulting in idleness that gave me great angst. Of course COP 24/7 has always been my baby that I had nurtured and keep kicking until I was swept up into the notorious challenge of making a living in the non-profit world. Not to mention the struggle to find a balance plus stay engage with the readership that I had built but unfortunately had not served with updates content.

Expert call this action a "blog killer" in this blink society where you are here today and gone tomorrow if you don't keep the beast you created with the fuel that is needed to keep eyeballs clicking in to see what you are up to. Also, I had some gadgets that I thought was helping with this process but discovered that maybe I didn't have a full understanding of how they worked. Believe it or not, in February of this year I actually had the opportunity to do a an actual presentation at a Regional AIDS conference on "Reaching Gay Men through Social Media." Who Knew?

 I never thought that my little experiment which started over six years ago would take me to a place to use what I have self learned to share with an audience. Amazing to say the least in a journey that has pushed me to learn so much about how the digital revolution is shaping our world.

 COP 24/7 was supposed to be that little blog that perhaps a few folks would read but I have found that it became an important tool to inform, educate and at some times infuriate those who simply don't have the temerity to "stand for something, out loud." Asking the hard questions or questioning the answers takes nerves that can't be rattled or character that can't be diced and sliced by haters who don't want to hear or know most truth.

Although its been hard and often times painstakingly annoying that I don't always demand the time to keep it refreshed as it should, but I affirm that I am moving forward with reassessing my time commitment meanwhile taking a strong look at what's meaningful to myself as well as where I see me moving forward into the future. COP 24/7 may have taken a detour but its is not down for the count. Get set, Get ready, come on through CorneliusOnpoint giving you more of what you been looking for!


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