Sunday, December 01, 2013

World AIDS Day 2013: COP 24/7 Staying in the fight to Educate and Empower

World AIDS Day 2013: COP 24/7 Staying in the fight to educate and empower

Our platform, CorneliusOnPoint has been committed in our efforts to raise awareness and the community education viral load concerning this ongoing health dilemma. December 1, 2013 marks the 25th Anniversary of World AIDS Day. COP 24/7 joins with the global community united in the fight against HIV, to affirm and support those living with HIV, and to remember those we have lost from the virus. We applaud President Obama for his leadership through NHAS( National HIV AIDS Strategy) and his insights to equip many phases of the Federal government in addressing this matter as a national health priority. COP 24/7 believes there are great strides to be made based on the theme:

"Getting to Zero:
Zero New HIV Infections. Zero discrimination.
Zero AIDS-related deaths."

We stand firm that our entity will continue to share updates and vital information from our local health department as they monitor the implementation of high impact programming that will support decreasing infection rates across the state. COP 24/7 is further confounded that although statistics show an infection rate plateau overall, this is not the case as new infection rates among Black gay men, 13-24 continue to alarmingly rise in Arkansas despite this population being only 1 percent of the state's citizens. 
Furthermore, that many of these new cases are being diagnosed with "co-infections" of STI's ( sexually transmitted infections) such as Syphilis which has been shown as a significant portal for ongoing infections. Moving forward COP 24/7 will seek and demand answers to strategies in place, future developments and policy updates concerning possible barriers and challenges of those in need of such services. We urge the local community not to succumb to "AIDS Fatigue" but rather share your time and treasure with local ASO's and other community based organizations striving to stay viable amidst  budget shortfalls and retreating funding thresholds.
  No life is can be considered collateral damage in the ongoing struggle to raise awareness viral loads in the LGBTQ community and beyond.

Meanwhile it is paramount that area agencies continue to collaborate and cooperate with sharing there expertise and resources as 2014 dawns. Please take a moment to remember a family member, partner, next door neighbor or those who you may have never known.

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