Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Telling like it Is Tuesday

Watching Over Me Then and Now

As the rush of Christmas comes rolling around again, I don't usually get to caught up in the hype scurry to get something that I really don't particular need or simply have to have it because
"everyone" else has one. No by golly, I'm no Grinch but rather I shop strategically with a keen eye for that ultimate pricing as I make a final choice.

Alright I know that Pope Francis went to the left about consumerism and capitalism running amuck, but let's face it most folks just ain't hearing none of that when it comes to getting that next electronic gadget or that 46 inch flat screen of their dreams. I fully understand the "reason for season" and have always been thoughtful that of my blessings. Over the years me and my partner have celebrated the holidays ranging from participating in those Christmas Tree Drives to food drives.

How can we ever forget driving in an unusual December thunderstorm in search of a Black Barbie and accessories because that was one of the items that the child had on the list that we were given. As neither of us have sired children, I kept thinking to myself, so this is apart of that parenting experience that I was wondering about. In hindsight, it did have a kind of magical feel that we would provide gifts that some child, we would never know would enjoy on Christmas morning.

Although I have enjoyed my fair share of "window shopping," with the advent of the Internet I now troll the digital isles in search of items that most likely I will not find my size in the brick and mortar stores or a unique piece offered by the dizzying array of niche online purveyors.

However,  as the headlines scream about our privacy and "who's watching who," I am well aware that all my online strolling is not only being tracked but to the point that I've discovered that the algorithms used by these retailers have gotten to know me extremely well.

 For instance almost any item that I have taken a look at for any period of time on a website, apparently doesn't want me to forget that I didn't make that purchase and finds it way into the margins of any other searches that I may have moved on to. In full disclosure COP 24/7 also allows roaming ads that we encourage our readers to check out for special offers and don't forget our margin links to our affiliates that support our production.

From Macy's to my favorite online stop Paul Frederick's and onto Payless. I can't help but notice that
Amazon.com which not only knows what I've bought previously but all that goes with that purchased. That behemoth tracks a brother while asking for product reviews, spinning out similar items with compatible pricing and sale flashes of their latest and greatest item that you don't have!

Just for the record, these foxy folks also know when to get personal with those "reminder" ticklers of "we miss you," and "have heard from you lately and wanted to share our latest this or that." Let's hear it for those "Digital Daddy's" who just want me to come on back to what they've got in their goody bags. Looks like you got about 8 days and counting to shop till you drop! Don't forget to consider sharing your treasure with a local community based group or service agency serving in the LGBTQ community and beyond.

Let The Conference Season Begin

COP 24/7  is a big booster of  individuals getting access to the latest information, updates on trends, networking and making the connection with other advocates or experts in their respective fields. If you don't know, perhaps you should go to a conference to find out. Don't know about one, then check the following video concerning The 26th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change  coming to Houston, Texas and the Hilton of the Americas–Houston, January 29–February 2, 2014.

What's Creating Change? Only the premier annual organizing and skills-building event for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their allies.

The conference is run by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and attracts more than 3,500 people from all over the country every year. Presenters and participants come from all walks of life and include members of the business community, elected officials, students, faith leaders and staff and volunteers of non-profit organizations.

Our five-day program features over 350 workshops and training sessions, four plenary sessions, and tons of networking opportunities, and really fun events, all in the welcoming space of the Hilton of the Americas–Houston. Are you going or know someone that is? COP 24/7 is seeking roving reporters for that one the scene updates, tweets and video updates. Hit us up if you want to share your experience on this platform!

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