Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Keeping it Real and On Point Wednesday

Indexing COP 24/7

With over more than 155 Million sites and counting, sometimes I think its going to knife fight to get noticed among the hundred's of millions of pathways to discover content that you as a reader may be
seeking. Our recent reboot complete with refreshing our site with more links and access to video streams, it is my goal to be more aggressive about engaging readers and connecting this site to more  platforms including the now burgeoning mobile roll out.

Over the last few months I've been immersed in trying to understand how this site could be more useful as well as revenue driven to sustain it self.

 I have noticed that many blog outpost and other websites are running their courses and many long time content creators such a Pam's House Blend which shuttered in July, the D List which shut down few years ago and many local outlets that came and went in a hurry that we didn't notice that they had left.

Its a tough game and I am trying to learn how to better the game. I've been checking our stats, how we are trending and where we are indexing on the Net. Seems like I've got some catching up to do and how! So as we move forward, there will be additional ads, partnerships, affiliate connections and shout outs with COP 24/7 gear. Who knows what we will do! Stay tuned and if you've got ideas, observations, or come backs, let's get this party re-started!!

And Winners Are...

Congratulations are in order for those nominees of The Living Affected Corporation's RZN2LV
Distinguished Service Awards bestowed during their World AIDS Day 2013 event held December 1, 2013 on the campus of Philander Smith College. The event also served as a platform to launch the organizations RZN2LV campaign designed as another tool in the groups intervention and prevention arsenal.

 Keynote Speaker, Dr. Nathaniel Smith, ADH State Director spoke to the state of HIV/AIDS infections in the state which he cited as "leveling," but countered that additional aggressive methods should be engaged to get Arkansas in the endgame to end such infections. (pictured: Mr. Justin Case/ Renegades )

The campaign is "social media" driven designed to further tease out the organizations scope of work in health disparities with a emphasis on HIV/AIDS messaging to gay men.

The video featured captured snapshots of individuals sharing their "reasons to live," with the ultimate message to be disseminated that knowing one's HIV status should be a primary reason to live.

The video has been uploaded to the group's blog page at and RZNLV YouTube Channel. A link to COP 24/7 serves as a community service on the agencies main webpage. ( ) (pictured Left to Right: J. Case, Keith W. James M. Kendra J. Connie N. Terry Nash.)

1. Mr. Nathaniel Smith, MD MPH
2. Nu Delta Fraternity (organization)
3. Connie "The C...
ondom Lady" Roebuck (advocate)
4. Miss K. Frazier (advocate)
5.Ms. Joyce Bryant (clinician- Jefferson Comprehensive Care Service)
6.Ms. Wanda Douglas (clinician- JCSSI)
7.Ms. C. Hampton (professional - Arkansas Department of Health)
8.Renegades for a Cause (fundraising group)
Rising Star Award: Mr. L.L. Woodley, educator, LRSD
Volunteer of the Year: Mr. James McLaughlin

Again, congratulations to these dedicated community warriors whom demonstrate that the power of one can make a difference and be a reason to live!! Don't forget that you can make those year end tax deductible donations at  Do it Today!!


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