Monday, December 23, 2013

The Monday Yule Tide Log Roll OUT

Get Enroll in to Healthcare for the Holidays!

In musings from last week, COP 24/7 mentioned a widely circulated video being used as a "smear" vehicle decrying the education efforts of local community based organization, The Living Affected Corporation, due to a segment which showed a bag of condoms being heaped upon a table at the conclusion of the information session. This was another attempt by right wing opponents of the Affordable Care Act to undermined the new law with demonizing rhetoric alluding to the fact that perhaps some federal dollars were being used in some nefarious manner such as purchasing "condoms" or other gay agenda items! Even though that video's 15 minutes of fame has since subsided, I'm sure there some other shoe being prepared to drop somewhere.

Ultimately, none of this was ever proven or substantiated, yet there appears to be still some lingering repercussions that still may give some wayward politico some gay bait for fodder. Not mention others who quiver at the thought that someone might come asking questions that needs nothing more than the unmitigated truth. How about, "nothing but the facts mam..."

In the meantime, I was made aware of the above video of which for the life of me has not put some anti-Obamacare wingnut's hair on fire. And not to mention they used a Christmas favorite, "Let it Snow," to new lyrics to boot. May I ask, just where's the outrage on this one?

Want to know who is at the center of this video treat?  Enter Out2Enroll ( which is a collaborative effort from the Sellers Dorsey Foundation, The Center for American Progress and the Federal Agencies Project to educate the LGBTQ community as to coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Sound familiar? Isn't that what that local agency was up to as well? Anyway, these folks have pushed out a nifty website, YouTube video channel, and a social media campaign complete with tag line, "Be Out. Be Healthy. Get Covered."  Who knew? According to their website all they want to do is" to get LGBT community members enrolled in health insurance coverage that works for them?" What a novel idea since they cite that "1 in 3 or at least 34% of the LGBTQ community is insured and many are in the low income bracket of $16,000 or less.

No surprise to this forum that the group purports that at least 48% live in the South. No matter the factoids, what's at stake is the fact the each person should get a firm understanding of the ACA in regards to their Adjusted Gross Income. For some the coverage may not seem affordable, but at least take the time to research and be an empowered consumer in your health decision. If you need assistance or information hit us up to get the facts.

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