Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Finding the Spirit to Keep Moving

Coaching Cornelius

You just never know what life will unfold before you and how it will impact you. At one point I
believed that I was pretty damn lucky to have survived this far but I now understand that a higher  power always had my "6" and had charted a pathway that I was destined to walk. Where it was going, or who I was to meet  or just how all this was to come together seemed like a mystery to me.

 Yet along the way I've uncovered that although I thought I as was just being actually I was being positioned to get prepared for the "universe" to meet me in soulful place to continue for what I was born to do and that being a leader in transforming communities.

At this junction of my life, I'm continuing to learn the lessons of "the laws of attraction," not mention soaking up as much wisdom and as many as purposeful explanations to "what's really going on," that I can find. Recently as the current AHPG (Arkansas HIV Planning Group)  Community Co-Chair, I was afforded a chance to participate in the a leadership and coaching program initiated by the National Minority AIDS Council.(www.namac.org )

 Entitled the "Strengthening Community Leadership to Influence Change Initiative" is a comprehensive program to enhance the leadership capacity of HIV planning leaders to lead change and guide their HIV Planning Groups and Ryan White Planning Councils. The initiative focuses on the role of HIV planners from a community leadership perspective. The goal of this training is to enhance the capacity of HIV Planning Group co-chairs to lead HIV Planning Groups efficiently and to effectively represent and engage their communities. 

The sessions are divided into a group session and most importantly a "one on one" session with my coach Peter Heinrichs whom I have developed great stimulating conversations and dialog since our beginning in late November. Although much of the training is related to my service to the AHPG, it has gone deeper in understanding my leadership style, how I interact with others, and what my "vision board," should mirror who I am destined to be. Through my sessions we've had some "aha" moments and breakthroughs that Peter coached me to continue to unpack, relook, reflect and affirm much that I had lingering in the shadows of my being.

 In one session, he stated to me that as I felt that it was he that was asserting who I was, it was rather myself embracing and owning whom I was always destined to be. These instances when the light bulb goes on, have had me not only looking inward but also taking stock of my use of  "I" statements that may allowed me to limit my self achievements thusly not leveraging opportunities that may have come my way.

 Consequently, my work with Peter culminated in my eventual "I" statement that "I have the courage not be a victim." I am not going to victimized how I see myself or what I may or may not have accomplished thus far. I am a work in progress making my way to defining who will share my space, how I operate within it and creating a body of service that will eventually be my legacy.

Author Louise Hay offers daily affirmations such as "gratitude brings more to be grateful about. Today I am grateful." (www.louisehay.com ) And truly I am grateful for all that I am learning, those who are suppose to meet me and being ready for when the universe shares it bounty on me!!


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