Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All That Wednesday

On the Road to Change: The Alliance Rolls

Congratulations to The Alliance of UALR on their quest to participate in Creating Change 2014 in Houston. The event is sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, January 29-February 2 will feature a dizzying array of topics, speakers, workshops, receptions and all manner of capacity building. COP 24/7 has been an ardent advocate that local activist and allies discover the power of networking during these empowerment opportunities. Furthermore, as fundraising goes, there should be a distinct funding stream that supports this type of activity. If you haven't attended a conference, these can be on the expensive side with ground transportation, registrations, and hotels.

The Alliance is a UALR organization for straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students to come together in an accepting, open environment designed to discuss topics related to both the gay and straight communities. The alliance is dedicated to promoting equality on campus, educating people, and providing social activities to build community while promoting the acceptance of all minorities on the UALR campus, plus work to fight discrimination by educating others on issues challenging the gay community.
The group meets every Wednesday at 3 in the DSC room 201R and offer a safe space to all students on campus while promoting equality and community. Check out their Facebook page and stay tuned as we hope the group will check in with COP 24/7 in real time!!
Using Social Media to Expand Outreach

In response to the rapidly approaching ACA open enrollment end date of March 31, COP 24/7 Executive Producer and licensed Assister C. Mabin will be doing a live Q & A session online this Friday from 10 am to 11:30 pm on the new COP 24/7 Facebook page!  This social media approach was created after learning about other navigators whom  helped a people get covered through, and had their stories shared through the Share your Story collection tool found here on the new “Got Covered” page. 
Those success stories featured help raise awareness about the Health Insurance Marketplace, and to help put a face and story to what affordable health coverage really means. If individuals are interested in participating in this element or need enrollment assistance call 501.349-7777
Digitally Yours from OnTrack
COP 24/7 is always proud to see any platform that seeking to capture information directly for the LGBTQ community. Especially those who have staying power, which is not for those with unable to stay focused or committed to the effort. The tabloid OnTrack has been chugging along and keeping it coming for a number of years since its inception as a print piece years back. Produced by the management of Trax's and the soon to be closed Miss Kitty's on March 1, instead of March 31 as posted by COP 24/7.
Usually the cover features a local such as cover boy Mr. Christopher Robinson or other notables that range from the royalty set to the establishment's clientele. Although some COP 24/7 items have been found on the pages of the magazine and a occasional passing shot, unfortunately we have yet to be a cover boy. Just sayin...
In the meantime, inside readers can find updates, announcements and links to either upcoming local events or those across the region. It can be an interesting read if you want to stay in the entertainment know or information loop. But to this point, even with tabloids such as this, there still seems to be some type of information disconnect.
Even with the advent of the social media "know it all" Facebook one would think that everybody should know everything. However this is still not the case. There has been much talk about some type of monthly or bi-monthly rag to fill the "info void" yet to date, no one has tackled this task. With that said, The Living Affected Corporation ( ) has produced a series of Resource Guides as well as, a signature publishing piece entitled, Omnibus which was a LGBT health journal. In the past there was, Out on the Town, Pink Spectrum, AGR Writes, The Advisor and as usual those that came and went with little to no notice. So what to do? Well, somebodies got to make a move and there's got to be mucho support to sustain it. Got ideas? Feel free to share them in our comment sections anytime. We love hearing from you!

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