Monday, January 27, 2014

Stay OUT of My Panties Part 2

GOP: Get Out my Panties!
Ladies and Gentlemen: Nina Turner Is In The Room

Firebrand Nina Turner caught my eye as a frequent guest on the Ed Show on MSNBC hosted by "let's work," Ed Schultz. Her swagger and ability to wield the good kings English as a weapon of mass destruction was awesome to myself. I learned a few new terms that I'll be using soon.

Especially since I love those who have no problem using their language skills to paint vivid picture while making the case around issues. Also Turner rolled with it last week as a guest on that other "diva with a mind" Melissa Harris Perry Show.  Currently Ms. Turner is running for Ohio Secretary of State after being appointed to a vacant Ohio Senate seat and two years later she was elected to the office. According to her campaign website ( ), she is a first generation college graduate, Nina earned an Associate of Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community
College before earning her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from Cleveland State University and an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Wilberforce University.

Turner thoroughly got my attention with her fierce GOP ( Get Out of My Panties) stance in reference to he counterparts across the isle who wanted to present efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. The action would have put Planned Parenthood at the bottom of the state's priority system for federal family planning funds. She has also been forthright speaking out concerning voter suppression tactics, economic parity in collective bargaining and most certain around reproductive justice issues. COP 24/7 is proud to introduce Mr. Tuner to our audience and hope that she keeps calling out folks while taking it to the next level. We need more Turners who believes in being a member of the party of the “Right Thing” above all else.

The Dog Whistle Chronicles: Who You Calling A Thug?

We can't go a week without checking in on the latest from the "Outrage Machine," that spews the latest dogma and or verbiage around what ain't right in the land. This week the target is Mr. Richard
Sherman, athlete extraordinaire as a defensive back of the Seattle Seahawks.

All of this brouhaha is centered on his end of game rant toward a fellow player in which Sherman "got loud" after making the winning maneuver that will send the team Super Bowl bound.  In other words, Sherman went off and went ham in his remarks concerning  the decisive Kaepernick interception by tipping away a pass intended for Crabtree, Sherman ran up and offered a handshake to Crabtree while yelling “Hell of a game, hell of a game.” Crabtree pushed Sherman away by the face mask.

And that's when the rant heard around the world got the "thug" treatment from talking heads all over the place. The outrage meter went into overdrive as folks did a NFL worthy pile on that resulted in the word thug being used some 625 times! Sherman himself was broadsided and said that he was "mind boggled" at the swift reaction to his statement. Furthermore in a CNN interview he stated that "He also said he was shocked by some of the racists responses he received." This is where we have the conundrum of is the word "Thug" being used as the new "N" word?

Sherman, who was his high school's salutatorian graduated from Stanford and started a masters degree there his final year playing football there. Yet none of this was seemed to matter in the discourse of demonizing his comments and the further mis-characterizations of exactly who Sherman really is. Although he admitted that his rant was intense trash talking that he now regrets but the vile and racist vomit flowed calling him ghetto gorilla, thug ape and those who even stated that he should be shot.

Ultimately this situation continues to dispel the notion that some how that racial tension in the land don't exist. Even though we've elected a Black man to the highest office in the world. he too has been personally called a "Thug," Travorn Martin was berated as "Thug like or wannabee," and countless other Black men deal with being seen as exhibiting "Thug" behavior or attitudes. Consequently this matter speaks to the plight of imagery of Black men both on the playing field as well as the Executive Board room.

For too long Black men have suffered from the stereotypical Mandingo image, feared social vigilante's W.E.B. Dubois, Malcolm X and Medgar Evers and now this population faces serious challenges around HIV infections, continuing economic disparities and increase violence throughout communities of color. Its alarming that no ounce of  "creative maladjusting" that King spoke to seems to matter. With that said, you can count on it that COP 24/7 ain't done with this one!

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