Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Follies Galore

Thank God that COP 24/7 got to Friday! Its been a heck of week with all manner of news, out takes, upticks and breaking news that just kept coming, and coming  and coming! There was just no way to get it all in. This platform has done its best to stay trendy and on pace with how the digital frontier is taking on new depth or even breaking bad. According to all those in know "digital guru's," they keep popping off that in order to keep your blog content kicking, it's got to be fast and furious. In other words as Executive Producer, I'm suppose to through down the "ELMO," (Enough, Lets Move On) card without hesitation. However, some items just will not get you what you really need to know if we only just shoot from the hip while skimping on the facts. And as usual, "with that said," let's go get em as we do a COP 24/7 Friday Folly!

Gays Gone Survivalist

This just in..."they say them gays are everywhere!" Believe it or not, after reading an article in the Advocate dated 1/7/13 concerning the ground swell of LGBTQ folks gravitating toward the survivalist movement, I thought REALLY?  Then it occurred to me yes silly!  And where did they source this evidence, why somewhere in the Ozarks of Arkansas!  According to the article,

"... an increasingly vocal number of LGBT Americans are banding together online in preparation for social, economic, or governmental collapse. There are an estimated 3 to 4 million survivalists in the United States, and although it’s impossible to know how many are gay, the question — or rather, debate — of whether to accept them runs rampant on survivalist websites. “For your own good, stay in the city and stock up. Your commune will be sighted by the first group of armed heterosexuals that is nearby. Most likely they will burn you alive. I am not joking,” one commenter cautioned prospective gay preppers."

Holy Armageddon! Hide you sister, hide you brother!  The article goes on to further explore additional details about bunkers, food storage and America’s $500 million survivalist industry. Wow I now know that some of the lavender set caught up in the latest doomsday conspiracy. (

Lieutenant Gov. Darr: You STILL Ain't Gone Yet?

Lieutenant Governor Darr is doing a Jenifer Holiday and saying "I'm not going, and you gonna love me too!" Well hold on, wait a minute, Not. The drum beat for this ethics buster is loud and clear that he needs to get to stepping. Yet Darr believes that everyone is delirious and has gone on the record while commenting yesterday that,

"I am not downplaying what has occurred, but there is no scandal, no conspiracy and no malicious intentional disregard of the law. If there were, it would apparently involve multiple offices and agencies. It was an oversight that should have been noticed and corrected long before now and by multiple people including myself."

Darr goes on to explain just how he didn't do nothing wrong because other agencies and folks didn't bring any of this to his attention. Also that he's planting a "stake" in the ground based on them facts that he claims has some political implications or games.

It never seems to amaze me how crooked folks always got  "interpretations" of what had happen or what we are suppose to believe. So we have to assume that he was only pleading guilty to being unethical. And so it goes...stay tuned.

Can I Get a CLIA?

Earlier this week COP 24/7 mused on about local group Team Friendly and their attempt to do some
community service in the fight to address HIV and AIDS through offering free testing. Unfortunately the emerging group got "caught up" in a bureaucracy shuffle that led organizer Mike K. to get a "WTF" feeling. At the core of the matter is a "CLIA," (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act) certificate as means to do this type of testing to which TF was instructed that they had to acquire.

However, it seem that the instructions got lost in translation or otherwise, causing the group some angst and aggravation, that there good deed intentions were for naught. Currently the matter is working its way through various channels with sites on a possible collaboration or partnership with a local CBO whom has already navigated this testing maze. COP 24/7 will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. Thanks Team Friendly for stepping up to do your part in end game of HIV and AIDS! 

Sounds Scandalous

On yesterday, Judy Smith, the "real life" Olivia Pope of which the hit ABC show Scandal is based, rolled into town as part of the Bless the Mike lecture series. Smith was to address a capacity crowd on her firm Smith & Company, a strategic and crisis communications firm with offices in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. According to those in attendance the presentation was well received, however, some quipped to the fact the there was no "meet and greet" prior or post to the event. Furthermore local news accounts reported the fact that Ms. Smith was unavailable for further engagement, no pictures, no autographs or nothing beyond her two hour timed speech, due to her contractual restrictions.

You don't say! COP 24/7 understands "people with people," not to mention riders and other "diva" moves by those who have made it. But one would think that a few autographs and quick pictures couldn't hurt a crisis manager who has assisted folks like  actor Wesley Snipes, NFL quarterback Michael Vick, and more recently, celebrity chef Paula Deen. She has also worked with Fortune 500 companies such as BellSouth and Wal-Mart. What's even more scandalous is the fact that Ms. Smith's expenses were covered including a tidy $30,000 for stopping by to Bless the Mike. Obviously, Its a good living if you can get it. They can call COP 24/7 any time and we would be happy to oblige with autographs and handshakes for all!  

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