Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday All Hands on Deck

Republican Pork-a-Rama

Well it seems when you get rid of one there always seems to be another one crawling somewhere from a nearby crack. Yes it been revealed that another ethically challenge Republican is now under the hot glare of the press and hopefully the scorn of the electorate. That means you and me!

Who is this time? News sources on the web report that Republican state Rep. Mark Biviano of Searcy was one of only two applicants — and the only one from Arkansas — for a job worth as much as $119,000 a year to head an agency planning for a possible state health insurance exchange.

Biviano sponsored the legislation that created the Health Insurance Marketplace Board.

He couldn't be hired during his term of office, most likely, but that doesn't mean arrangements couldn't be made to postpone his hiring until the end of this year.

The Board, because of the small number of applicants, is seeking more.

Biviano's seeking a job he created — personal pork barreling, you might say — is a fitting act for a fellow we affectionately know as Bourbon and Bacon Biviano. That's after the name of the Capital Hotel fete Biviano attended shortly before an alleged hit-and-run incident.

Arkansas Times Max Brantley waxes on his blog pointing out, "I should add  that the shuffle of legislators to state jobs is a time-honored and bipartisan tradition in Arkansas. But help me readers: Can you remember another legislator who shuffled directly into a six-figure job he or she created?"

Just think about it this way, three years of a $100,000 job added to a number of years in state service as a legislator can up your annual public employee pension handsomely, since it is based on a combination of years of service and the three highest-paid years of compensation. Here we go again with another self serving politician elected by the people with his hands all in the pork barrel. It sounds like good work if you can get it!
Renegades Raising Funds

The venerable group Renegades for a Cause are back at it in 2014 with Lucie's Place being the recipient of their efforts. The event will step off at MK's, 1/17/14 with show time at 11pm. Lucie's Place will also team with The Living Affected Corporation in October for the duo's 2nd Annual Hair Affair. Stay locked and loaded to this site for updates!

2014 Gay & Lesbian critics award nominations announced

12 Years A Slave has been given yet another big Oscar boost after landing three nominations for the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association's 2014 Dorian Awards.

Director Steve McQueen's acclaimed movie's haul from Hollywood's gay community, includes Film of the Year.
The drama will go up against American Hustle, Blue Is the Warmest Color, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her and Laurence Anyways.
12 Years' star Chiwetel Ejiofor is nominated for Film Performance of the Year - Actor, and his co-star Lupita Nyong'o will compete for the Film Performance of the Year - Actress award. The Award season is off and running with the Golden Globes presented earlier this week and Screen Actors Guild to come. Have you seen all the nominated film? Got reviews or picks? Share them with COP 24/7 so we can see who's got the best eye for film winners!
Don't Forget that February 7th is Black HIV AIDS Awareness Day



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