Friday, January 31, 2014

Pop Goes this Friday

Houston Goes Big for Creating Change 2014

As technology would have it and as budget sometimes require, I had the wonderful experience of "being their" from my Big Chair. Where is this you ask? Well its Creating Change 2014 in none
other than "gayest city in Texas, Houston," according to organizers. In a high definition live stream, I was able to get the same big city welcome from the host committee as those feeling the love in the room. Of course I would love to have been there but nevertheless this was the next best thing. I certainly our Arkansas delegation from The Alliance is taking it all in and more.

Now what was even more amazing was some of the facts that were touted before the rousing speech by 3 time re-elected Mayor Mrs. Anise Parker and then the keynote speaker transgender
activist Lavern Cox (pictured) of "Orange is the new Black" cable television show. Cox was an ardent supporter of Ce Ce McDonald who was freed after a June 5, 2013 incident in which she was arrested after being slashed in the face by a individual in the aggressive homophobic crowd.

 Cox's speech spoke to her story and what she says is "loving a trans women is a revolutionary act." She also spoke to her teachable moment with Katie Couric as she educated Couric that "she was more than transition and surgery" conversations.

The host committee put together over 600 volunteers, yes volunteers! Then went on to organize a conference that registered over 4000 attendees while raising over $33,000 in 9 months as operating funds outside of major sponsors such as Southwest Airlines, Office Depot, Grey Goose and Wells Fargo. Now that's some corporate power to add to a total embrace my the city of Houston!

If you couldn't get to this years event, watching the live stream really takes you their!  Check it out at Just so you know that next years Creating Change is going mile high, literally in Denver Colorado 2015.

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Man Show Coming to MK's

As time winds down to the March 1 closing, Miss Kitty's is going full steam with a full roster of events and shows. There has been some talk that other locations are being scouted, yet as of this post there's been no announcements or further details released. So with that said,  next up is The Man Show coming 2/1/14 featuring beef galore! If you don't have anything scheduled or need something to do, get on out to MK's before the final stage pulls out for the last time. Tell em COP 24/7 told you about it!

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