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The New Year Friday Edition 2014

The COP 24/7 Celebration Grind
We are three days into the New Year and trends, buzz and all manner of interesting items are
falling in to the COP 24/7 box. Since re-igniting this platform, I've heard from many of you who have expressed that you like our special brand of caring on and often look forward to the latest post. In management this site, I have to confess that I was grinding out content, editing, re-editing and sourcing material from all angles. Believe it or not, and sometimes I can't believe it myself, in September, CorneliusOnpoint will celebrate 10 years in existence. Yes my pretties, this forum is Arkansas' longest running online LGBTQ news portal. Others have come and gone, but we are still here in 2014. COP 24/7 has also featured videos including our link to YouTube, I was the first to offer a podcast attached to site, and reported from conferences in Las Vegas and even kept coming with content from my hospital bed! Who does that? Well, of course COP 24/7 does and how. I am actively seeking partnerships, sponsors, content providers and collaborators to push this forum forward. I you are the one, be sure to hit us up for info in our comment section or directily at  Thanks for your support then and now as we keep striving to take this to the next level. Watch for changes, updates and so much more. Stay locked and loaded by subscription, RSS feed, mobile or email. Come follow the leader! Now let's dive in...

Affordable Care Act A Go-Go

January 1 marked the first day of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act which according to
White House reports amassed some 2 Million enrollments. Whew! Of course, the beleaguered ACA has been taunted, bemoaned, demonized, shanked and misrepresented from talking heads near and far. Holy Pile On!

Yet the plan is the law of the land, no matter how flawed and yes its clear that there are some definite flaws. However, what major American social change mandate has not had hiccups and blemishes in their initial phases. COP 24/7 has been made acutely aware that some of the plans in the market place are not consider "affordable" by many in the LGBTQ community.

Although the hate "Obamacare" talk is rampant among many in the lavender set, what was most surprising is the fact that the Arkansas Insurance Agency actually awarded the gay owned entity The Living Affected Corporation to directly educate and serve as an enrollment site. The organization is serving 7 counties across the state with both in person or phone assistance. What a novel idea to have an organization of folks who look like me that I could go to without any pre-judgement or homophobia?

Yet apparently there was no rush to their offices nor were folks blowing up the phones to get a full understanding of the impact of the law. Despite outreach efforts directly targeted to the gay community, still to this day many are still howling about not knowing where to go to get factual information or enrollment assistance. The you've got this section of folks who are just not happy in life anyway, so they spend there days hating every body and every thing.  What's even more amazing about this, is the fact that marketing materials were designed, social media engaged and outreach events held in local venues over the last three months that were organized to broadcast this service which will run throughout the open enrollment till March 31, 2014. Need help call 501.379-8203 for appointments or hit em up at  Just so you know, its been announced that a Pop Up Enrollment event is slated tonight for Club Sway, 412 Louisiana Street. Doors open at 9pm.

Cat's Meow: We Are Family

Ye Ole Facebook never fails to deliver or meet my expectations of its users to share and share alike. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you just never know what they will post next. Speaking of postings and updates, former Kitty's manager shared his 2013 reflections and clarifications on his tenure in the position. His rather extensive and lengthy expressions were filled with interesting behind the scene tidbits while musing on how all his experiences had created a self styled extended family.

As we know, often in the LGBTQ community, "family" units are unconventional and take on other nuances to fill a need that may be otherwise missing. He spoke about working "72 Hour" stretches, bars full and full of life, possible elocution., $800 monthly pay days and working conditions that had no resolutions which might cause him to be homeless. Wow, who knew?

This heartfelt sharing is also the latest "kitty cat" back and forth recollection of his experience at this venue. COP 24/7 can attest that truly much was done including the Sordid Lives dinner theater which was a "first" in the gay community. (pictured: Jason A. as "Sissy" from Sordid Lives)

I concur that Henley and his merry troupe seemed unstoppable and untiring even as I warned him personally that mastering "burning the candle at both ends," has consequences.

Undeterred by my sage advice, he pushed forward until his ultimate admission that he,"walked away from my community feeling like I had just been forced to shoot my best friend." Unfortunately, Henley is only the latest begrudging former employee that has peeled back the curtain of "what's really going on" at these establishments. This situation is nothing new in the LGBTQ community where folks in need of jobs often find themselves working for entrepreneurs who have some questionable business practices or other nefarious thought processes.

Currently it is alleged that Henley and others have shared their distress to Labor Board officials who have been engaged to look into possible broken labor laws. Personally I've encountered working for a gay business some 20 years ago that had no problem with payroll checks that often bounced. I can sympathize with Henley as I worked for that business that often didn't have daily cash to operate while I was left to answer to vendors whom came looking for their payments.

I too experienced getting "short changed" in my pay or a "bait and switch" based on promises that never materialize despite my belief in the business itself.  Just as they, I too used my right to reached out to governing entities who would act on my behalf. Because I learned long ago that it was my responsibility to "learn and know" the law and how to use it. If these allegations are true, it would sadden me but I would not be surprised that this type of activity continues. As we move forward to demand equality, its shameful that some gay employers internally marginalize as they call for the rest of society's respect. If nothing else, its hypocritical to say the least and down right illegal at most. 

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