Monday, March 03, 2014

Slip Streaming into March

March has roared into 2014 with more winter vortex! This time in the guise of storm Titan that makes us all keenly aware that we just have no control of what Mother Nature throws our way. In the meantime, the view from the Big Chair at COP 24/7 there's many topics from A to Z that will make the cut on this platform. Grab you favorite beverage, buckle your seat beat and let's slip stream into our latest version of "what's really going on!."

Gay Bars Gasping Pings

Who knew! Last week's posting on "Gay Bars: Gasping for life in Age of Equality" was among our top post to be read, commented on and re-posted this year. As I checked the system matrix, that's the fancy gadgets that allow me to sort out all types of data points such as how many folks checked it out, where they came from, where they went after reading it and where the commented. Although it
"pinged" our system, I can't actually say it reached "viral status." But what I can say is the fact that it was noticed and got folks to thinking. Especially in lieu of the Miss Kitty's closing last Saturday night. And yes as I worked the crowd, many of you engaged me about the piece to further share your observations and "attaboys" about doing what we do best," saying what many of you are thinking."

The intention of the piece had many approaches from not only the historical as cited by a response from Justin C., but also a needed critique that as patrons we should not be taken for granted because folks are taking their dollars elsewhere, treated as "drinks" instead of people and those working for these establishments must not be mistreated according to labor laws. Its just that simple. Just for the record, I've already started to see slight changes and improvements, with hopes of more to come. In all of this I too found that so much that "was" has all but slipped into obscurity. I had a guy that couldn't understand why no one was responding to "hankie system." I had to explain most just don't know that unspoken language of long ago. Also, as to the smoking issue, let's just say it needs some serious examining or compromising.

As an activist and advocate on many fronts, I find myself feeling perplexed to demand equality from mainstream systems while knowing of many times that this same equality doesn't translate in the LGBTQ construct. No matter it be ageism, gender expression, or those whom feel or experience shame or stigma around HIV and AIDS. Equality is big word that will require much from those whom it is given. As we move forward, let us not forget the triumphs and tragedies of the past as new horizons are forged fill with thoughts that Frederick Douglas stated decades ago, "Until we are all free, we are none free."

FACEBOOK Ranting and Raving

Even though this platform uses all manner of social media in our outreach and marketing. Also, I fully understand  the continuing explosion of other platforms such as Four square, Instagram, Pintrest and even the re-emergences of My Space as tools to connect, it is some of the folks who are obsessed with telling all on Facebook that I find a bit troubling. There's no doubt that Facebook has made its societal mark while becoming not only an iconic social media powerhouse, it is the place where I continue to witness all manner of individuals who "rant on" about past loves, narcissist attitudes, thin skin circumstances and every bit of "this and that" ranging from despair to pity party of one. 

Wow, who has all this time to wax on about every little detail and or obtuse messiness that has one so upset that they just have to holla. Often I wonder, "WTF" are these folks thinking in putting these tirades out for all to witness will make anything better. Let's face it, so the world doesn't revolve around you. You are not as important as you think you are and "ta-dah" maybe much of what's not working in your life may be your own doing." If you need therapy, then get some. If its so vitally important that you share your every whim in the digital town square, then I guess there's not much I can do except move on. It would be so good if this forum could get that energy and vibrant response to the numerous topics presented or call to actions posted. And so it goes...

Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Enrollment Information 

Arkansas Health Connector
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-855-283-3483 FREE
Federal Healthcare
1-800-318-2596 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-318-2596 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Don't forget that the LGBTQ community has a direct source for enrollment and education around the Affordable Care Act. For more information call 349-7777 to make your appointment or request an education session.


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