Monday, March 31, 2014

Countdown Monday

It's on! The final countdown to whether or not folks will do the last minute procrastination of signing up for the Affordable Care Act. If you haven't do so, then today is the day to "get in" and understand what this program is all about. So get ready, set and let's go on with countdown Monday!

The LGBTQ Advocacy Conundrum: A Reboot
Over the years, this forum has been adamant about capacity and skills building as a vital necessity and critical component to making the changes we deserve. No matter who is facilitating the possible opportunity, this takes committed individuals who can check their "ego's" and attitudes at the empowerment door as we as citizen find common ground to assert key principles of the agenda. A colleague, Mr. Paul Hawkins has just completed an interesting piece entitled, Diversity for Nonprofits: Mission Drift or Mission Fulfillment that will be featured in the peer reviewed Spring edition of the Journal of Diversity Management. Hawkins explores the intersection of why some community based organizations go into "mission drift" which can be defined as "losing focus on the original purpose of one's organization is one step closer to loss of support and ultimate demise." I also had a great taste of this during my NMAC enrichment sessions which also talked about understanding the concept of saying "no" as well as exit strategies amidst possible implosions. COP 24/7 hopes that we can further reach out to Mr. Hawkins about his work and insights around the challenges and barriers presented for area agencies. In the past there have been many community open forums, meetings, gatherings and every possible effort to bring together the necessary collective to effectively articulate our needs. It appears that another such of this type of event is being planned courtesy of the Northwest Arkansas Equality Center and PRIDE at the U of A, April 12th, 9am -4pm at the Donald Reynolds Center, 145 N. Buchanan Drive, Fayetteville. According to release information, this session will feature discussion around a recent HRC survey as well as a keynote address from Tommy Luckett. COP 24/7 will post additional information as it becomes available. For more info contact:

What do Young Gay Black Men Need?A Sound Off from COP 24/7
Just an update on our posting of the article from Mr. Brandon Thompson who attended a BGM technical assistance meet up in Dallas, Texas in 2013. Thompson cited numerous observations concerning what he perceived were "needs" from young gay men 13-30. COP 24/7 also offered insights as to his premise and opened the floor for a complete discussion on the matter.

In full transparency, to date there has been nothing more than "crickets" from those most affected. That's right nothing said, no mention, not a word of substance on this timely composition. Now, just what that means can be spinned in anyway you like it. Furthermore, how can any of this be articulated if those who could be in most need, don't mobilize to speak for themselves in whatever manner they desire. In the mean time, just as a refresher, that post appeared March 11 with a reply rolling out March 12.  The floor is always open here at COP 24/7 to share your credible opinions, viewpoints and or comments. Hit us up in our comment section anytime.

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