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The Eye of COP 24/7

COP 24/7 Advocating and Mobilizing in LGBTQ Community and Beyond!
It's been one hell of a month at COP 24/7 to say the least! The keyboard is still smoking and then some as we keep bringing our readership more of what we hope that you are looking for. Its no secret that COP 24/7 is unapologetically all about staying on point in our core beliefs of empowering, educating  and entertaining those whom use this platform as a information outlet or portal. It is for this reason that we are inviting everyone to join us for a Community Meet & Greet, April 6, 6-8pm at TRAX's, 415 Main Street in North Little Rock.

Once a first Sunday tradition, this opportunity is again for COP 24/7 to engage readers, supporters and the community at large in dialog about "what's really going on." If you can't make it, or don't desire to do then fine, its a chance to fellowship in a positive atmosphere with an open agenda. This platform has been a part of this type of programming in the past and has always felt there is a need to just meet and greet each other despite any differences.

Amazing as it seems, the last past ten years has not only taught me personally about this community but through my ability to produce this forum it has connected me to many of you who have given me "attaboy's" or high-five's about saying what many folks are most likely thinking but otherwise feel muted. In checking our
performance metrics over the past few weeks I've determined that we've had some of the best numbers since our inception.

Recently we launched our Facebook page with an infusion of marketing dollars to increase our reach and unique views that hopefully will raise our profile thusly bringing more eyeballs to this page. There have been other added value gadgets such as the international translator which was needed due to the surprising factor of many global visitor who need the post translated. The You Tube video widget can take readers to some of our favorite video clips with hopes of some original content to come in late 2014. Also the Rainbow Circle of Friends initiative is designed for readers and supporters to share a "pat on the back" donation to help power not only COP 24/7 but all of our advocacy work beyond this digital town square.

Your $5 donation can help our targeted advertising on Facebook, serve as a means to support our upcoming "meet & greet" sessions, or assist as we continue to represent at conferences or meetings across the country. Every donation will help COP 24/7 increase our ability to leverage this platform's messaging onto numerous other pathways that allow us to build brand awareness and impact. Its no question that one person can make a difference.
Asking the hard questions or taking a position that may not be affirmed by others takes courage and temerity. Both have become our hallmark as well as the badge we wear proudly as we seek to keep this platform funky fresh daily with "what's really going on" in Arkansas' LGBTQ community and beyond.

Affordable Health Care Enrollment Extended...Sorta

Today the Obama administration has announced that the Affordable Care Act will get an extended enrollment period until mid April.
The move is expected to affect millions of Americans who have not been able to enroll in Obamacare through the federal website ( ) which experienced numerous glitches and off line fixes that have now been resolved. Locally you can contact 349-7777 for education and enrollment help.

"We are . . . making sure that we will be ready to help consumers who may be in line by the deadline to complete enrollment — either online or over the phone,” Julie Bataille, communications director for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has said to news sources.
The agency is the division within the Department of Health and Human Services that is overseeing Obamacare's implementation.

The extension will be granted to Americans who check a blue box on to indicate that they tried to enroll before the deadline, the Washington Post reports, and the government will rely on an honor system rather than try to determine whether enrollees are telling the truth.

The change applies only to those seeking coverage through — and it creates a new category of Americans who have applied through a "special enrollment period," the Post reports.

Actual coverage would not be delayed.

But those who wait until the last minute would not be eligible for the extension, the Post reports. The government's goal is to help people whose applications have been held up because of's myriad problems.

Mighty Fabu: Sylvester Musical Recalls Disco Heat Explosion

For many of you who think that today's Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert or Daft Punk are the coolest, let me clue you in that all before these folks there was the one and only Sylvester! (pictured) A self made original who reined supreme as an extremely flamboyant and out entertainer during the disco swirl of 70's. I remember it because I lived and sweated through his non-stop driving music beat. And yes believe it or not, Sylvester actually made a  club concert stop in Little Rock where I got an autographed picture.

If that wasn't enough while I briefly lived in San Francisco circa 1980's, I often had "Sly" sightings including his favorite record store which was across the street from where I lived and I "tea danced" almost every Sunday at the I-Beam where he was often a guest DJ.  Since Sylvester wasn't as mainstreamed as other stars, I wondered once his epic life ended would his legacy get any attention.

To may amazement, I seen and heard many references to his musical contribution including recent advertisements and tributes on Black Entertainment Television. And now the resurgence continues with a raging Off-Broadway play that seems destined for the great white way. Now this would be a great reason to hit NYC! According to the productions website they cite, back to where it all started, the city that never sleeps, New York City, Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical ® is preparing to come OFF-BROADWAY!

This INCREDIBLE Show comes back to New York after SOLD OUT runs in NYC, Miami and Washington, D.C.. Broadway Star Anthony Wayne (Broadway’s “PIPPIN”, “PRISCILLA”, “Anything Goes” [2011]) sings, lives and breathes life as the 1970’s Disco Singer SYLVESTER. Soon the creators of the show will announce the Theatre and all details of the Off-Broadway show coming Summer 2014.

Presented by AnthonyKen, LLC., Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical ® is a Concert formatted Musical, written by Anthony Wayne, which tells the life story of Sylvester through his music and his point of view. Beyond all the trials, tribulations, glitz and glamour of his lifestyle, he was a symbol for being FABULOUS, but, also, a symbol for unapologetically being who he was.
The words and music of this show will enter your ear, soar through your heart and inspire your soul.

Taking the reigns as Costume Designer is Wayne’s life partner Celebrity Stylist Kendrell Bowman (Recording Artists K. Michelle, Kanye West, David Banner, Lauriana Mae). Both Wayne & Bowman have stunned the masses with their collaborative Directoral Debut. Together, Wayne and Bowman create a memorable experience that takes the audience through the Essence that is SYLVESTER.

The show features Broadway’s Anastacia McCleskey (“PRISCILLA”; “HAIR”, “Book Of Mormon”) and Jacqueline B. Arnold (“We Will Rock You”, “PRISCILLA”) as The Two Tons of Fun/Weather Girls. Backed by the Sylvester Singers and a full live band, this show is GUARANTEED to have EVERYONE dancing in the aisles.

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