Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Follys

Its been a none stop week of blazing hot COP 24/7! After the smoke clears from the keyboard, I realized that it was time to divert from the maddening noise of it all and pivot to what many folks really enjoy, blinking, twinkling and crowning of all things fluff. Even though the hard nose of tackling the day's hot issues or policies, one has to cool there jets for a moment. And so, we off to address some of the "hot topics," that many of you are talking about. Let's go for it shall we... !

Designing Cornelius

Since we are taking that diversion, why not start with our self first. First up, many thanks those of you who have affirmed my fashion sense even as I have moved into that "man of a certain age" range." Actually I have never felt more empowered or savvy in my choices as well as approach to fashion.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a fashion junkie who not only is looking for a great sale but a piece that I believe that I can pull off that will have that unique look. I've never liked the "cookie cutter" fashion that just doesn't work for me. I learned that I had to create a "look book" in order to expand my style with sights on achieving affordable looks for both the professional day, down time and edgy night life appeal.

Yes I've been kidded on many levels about how I make it happen, but just let me say, it works because many of you keep asking me about it. So for those who have engaged me about "where did you ever get that?" or "can you just leave that piece with me!" Here's a few of my go to sources that will allow you to create that all important "look book for yourselves. Choose choice magazines such as Esquire, Men's Health or Details that have all the trendsetting stuff. I check these out to get a sense of what's popping and if any of could make me pop! My secret fashion weapons are my guilty which has the mother load of top fashion items for less. This site is time sensitive with limited inventory, so when you check in, be ready to make that purchase.

Since I do lots of internet shopping, many of my favorites simply follow me to make sure that I don't
forget that next outfit waiting just for me. Sites such as Paul Fredericks,( ) (pictured right) offer me not just outfits but a online shopping experience when I crawl their interactive site to discover head to toe looks to give me that man about town vibe. Let's just say PF has varying price points and you will pay for the quality of their garments but its totally worth it!

When I need to get that retail therapy feel, my go to is none other than Khols in west Little Rock. I can't tell you how many great mix and match pieces I've scored for often unbelievable low prices. Just a few weeks ago I got four great pull overs for $10 each! Other past scores includes some rocking boots originally priced at $125 but when using my "Khol cash" and other discounts I ended paying about $20. It pays to be a strategic shopper such as making purchases on key days such state tax exempt holidays, store coupons, store credits and online coupons that could enhance you buying power in the brick and mortar store.
forget that next outfit waiting just for me. Sites such as Paul Fredericks,(

Another great source is ( that is filled with fashion do's and do not's while offering you access to a host of other links to treasure troves of fashion sites. And last but certainly not least is Undergear ( where I find those fashion forward club clothes and other accessories. Although I have to choose carefully since I learned that many of the items are cut for a slimmer build, therefore sizing is vitally important. This site often has great sales and clearance items that let you get an expensive article at a bargain price. Its definitely worth the time to check it out if you in the market to score something on the wild side.

I really want to emphasize that looking good at whatever age helps with not only your sense of self worth, but continues to give you that extra spark and kick in your step. My motto is, "I know I'm getting older, but I'm gonna keep looking good doing it.! Get fit, feed your body, soul and mind and keep on moving!
In closing, let me just say again thanks for the compliments and I'll return the favor with more postings about where you too can create you own fashion forward look for often times less! Stay tuned...!

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