Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Spring Forward Post

International Day of Happiness

In July 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution which recognised happiness as a "fundamental human goal" and called for "a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes... happiness and well-being of all peoples". In July 2012, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a further resolution which decreed that the International Day of Happiness was to be observed every year on 20 March. The day was celebrated for the first time in 2013. With that knowledge COP 24/7 challenges our readers to chime in on what makes you happy? Is it money and buying stuff that you really don't need? Or is it finding a sense of well being and unique happiness about the world around you? Hit us up with your thoughts, happy stories, observations and so much more on our Facebook page at Corneliusonpoint! In the meantime let's all be Pharell happy for at least the day!

The LGBTQ Advocacy Conundrum 2.0

Alright enough already. Every since the story broke about Taylor Ellis, his high school yearbook coming out story and school official Brenda Hayes who has dug her heels in her stance about making giving in to the demands of special interest groups, my state and community has been put on blast across the nation. Its now time for a COP 24/7 "hold up, wait a minute" moment.  Every time one of these blips on the social radar screen hits  nerve it seems that there's a pile on affect that includes big name organizations rolling through without getting the facts from the boots on the ground. Individuals reaching out the Ellis's family offering all manner of support and or assistance that otherwise wouldn't be offered. And then there's gay media showcasing this as another "here's another crazy out of touch Arkansas" story for all the world to snicker at. Let's not get it twisted folks.

We have plenty of  capable folks who have and can handle any issue or policy matter that needs dealing with now and have been doing so for some time. I was appalled at comments on which called for a no less than a boycott of Arkansas based on their perception that we are a "hate" state. Really!?  Do we have issues that need addressing, of courser we do. We are well aware of measures and policies that require better legislation but let's not allow other factions to think that we are so incapacitated that we all are standing like deer in head lights. Not so damn it. 

This forum has been adamant about capacity and skills building as a vital and critical component to making the changes we deserve. This takes committed individuals who can check their "ego's" and attitudes at the empowerment door as we find common ground to assert the agenda. In the past there have been many community open forums, meetings, gatherings and every possible effort to bring together the necessary collective to effectively articulate our needs.

If your group wants to be at the table then by all means make that know and pull up seat. The community table is large and wide and there are plenty of seats if you want one. Its no secret that we all have unique personalities and or positions about how to change matters or seek what needs to happen. There's no reason that our hue, geographical area or how we identify should become road blocks, barriers or battering rams against one another. Keep it real people, we shouldn't be about destroying what little infrastructure we have amassed.

Some 30 years ago, I stated that our efforts should be seen from a human rights frame, I was told that this just wasn't the case. Yet now I find that I was ahead of my time and that LGBTQ rights are most certainly human rights. Its imperative that we understand that we all are "human" with flaws and imperfections but its the "unity" that is most needed utilizing all the skill, capacity and internal fundraising we can muster. Let's not outsource our treasure instead of investing them directly into the communities where we live and learn.

COP 24/7 certainly encourages empowerment across the board but not at the sacrifice of missing out on the bigger picture of building a fortified state wide network that can be mobilized to address our issues from within our boarders. In other words let us come together to not only hold each other accountable but any one else who want to assist us with our agreed upon agenda. Think about it, don't believe all the hype, we are our own revolution! Got some back talk, then bring it. The lights are always on...!!

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