Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spining the Wheel Wednesday

The LGBTQ Advocacy Conundrum

In the maddening scheduling and re-scheduling of this platform, often breaking news that comes out of no where or seems to magically pop up from who knows where, causes COP 24/7 to go into overdrive.

 Case in point, the recent outcry over Sheridan school officials to not allow a profile of Senior Taylor Ellis concerning his coming out to be included in the school year book. School officials dug in with "ain't nobody gonna tell us nothing attitude," after they stated that they consulted with their powers that be concerning the matter.

In all of this action, the Human Rights Campaign apparatus was summoned including its figure head, Chad Griffin and organizers whom hastily arranged a capitol steps press conference which was got featured coverage on KARK. Reporter Aaron Nolan asked Griffin as to his disappointment about the poor turn out to show support for Ellis.

The look on his face speaks volumes and although I believe his has heartfelt passion about the issue, I'm of the opinion that perhaps this could have been handled by our own devices and local forces perhaps with some financial support from the big guns. Even more awkward for COP 24/7 was to get a HRC fundraising piece heralding Griffins "return" to Arkansas on this matter, when HRC could have sent his airfare to a local community based organization to build capacity to deal with issues when the big guns go home. 'Why hell they could buy a banner ad on this platform that reaches all across the state. No matter what, props to Griffin to using his position to do what he can to address much of this tomfoolery that goes on in these pockets of the less progressive.

Now, I don't know about you, but it would seem that perhaps key individuals such as COP 24/7 would have gotten the heads up on this and all of these type of news making events. But noooooo!  Its the big boys such as main stream media and especially those gay friendly news hounds of Channel 4 who get the press releases, phone calls, e-mail alert and god's know what about what's either happening or about to happen in the LGBTQ community.  Really?

Why is the crown not amused? Just in case you didn't know and now you will, this forum is now celebrating 10, yes count em 10 years trying to be a state information beacon and digital town square for all. You name it, its most likely been covered hear from A to Z. Not to mention it was done with out any direct or indirect financial support or otherwise to boot!

As the folks are saying these days "just saying..." In the meantime if you missed the coverage go to

NBJC Honors Bayard Rustin with 

the Launch of 100 Black LGBT Emerging Leaders to Watch Campaign!

Applications due on or before May 30, 2014



NBJC celebrates the birthday of the late Bayard Rustin by honoring Rustin's legacy and dedication to youth mobilizing with the launch of the 100 Black LGBT Emerging Leaders to Watch CampaignBayard Rustin was a proud Black gay man who was an indispensable architect of the Civil Rights Movement. He started his career as a youth activist and was mentored by some of the greatest leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. His most noteworthy achievements include serving as the chief organizer of the historic 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, mentoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and helping to form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the A. Philip Randolph Institute. Rustin was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, posthumously, by President Barack Obama on November 20, 2013. 


The 100 Black LGBT Emerging Leaders to Watch Campaign is a component of the NBJC Black LGBT Emerging Leaders Initiative. This initiative will provide a platform and forum for young rising stars (ages 18-30) to elevate and address the concerns of Black LGBT young adults, share best practices, and have a seat at the table--to not only be mentored by seasoned advocates and elders, but to also lead and offer invaluable insight. The Emerging Leader perspective is critical to shaping policies for the future. Their active involvement is essential to help grow the leadership pipeline necessary to sustain a vibrant and impactful equality movement. NBJC's Emerging Leaders are exposed to opportunities such as educating key policymakers and influencers on Black LGBT priority issues, and learning the fundamentals of how our democracy works.


One key pillar to the Emerging Leaders Initiative is the 100 Black LGBT Emerging Leaders to Watch visibility campaign. This list will represent a consortium of standout leaders that are ripe with potential and/or deserve a greater platform of exposure.

Come joint our Rainbow Circle for Friends by sharing a donation today to keep this forum advocating and engaging policy makers. Your support helps our platform in further outreaching to LGBTQ communities across Arkansas and our associated programming. Can I count on you today? Use our link at the top of the right hand margin to go directly to our secured Paypal portal. Do it today...!!


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