Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bringing Up the 360 Periscope

Marriage Equality: Heads Explode with Apocalyptic Sirens

Well you know it was bound to happen as the marriage equality wave washed ashore in Arkansas late last Friday afternoon. And the response was quick and tainted with all manner of gay baiting untruths. Time to hit the "We're Crazy" button enter names here.

Let the crazy begin with the usual suspects such as Jerry Cox, founder of the Arkansas Family Counsel and other's of his ilk as in Jason Rapert (R-Conway) who simply go nuts on this issue among others that COP 24/7 has posted about. To further demonstrate his outrage, Rapert  rushed to get a legislative piece cobbled together as a resolution that would have urged justices to overturn Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza’s ruling striking down all measures preventing gay couples from marrying. He wanted to go even further with details that would have demanded that the 500 or so legal, civil marriages of same-sex couples performed in Arkansas over the past week be invalidated.

Would one expect anything less from this character whom last year  made “racially charged remarks about President Barack Obama at a 2011 Tea Party rally. Let me add that he was a "birther" whom believed that President Obama was not born in America. Not to mention this is the same "vagina probe" guy who sponsored  legislation that would ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. You get the picture. 

COP 24/7 had the chance to share a roundtable discussion with Jerry Cox around the marriage issue. Although Mr. Cox at first meeting seems to be a rather cordial and engaging guy, however its when he begins to espouse his views is where I begin to recoil. Certainly I believe that we all have the right to free speech but not the type that is wrapped in rhetoric that the founding fathers saw as extremist in regards to their intentions of the constitution. 

Amazing it would have it Mr. Cox according to their website ( ), Cox is also the founder of some mash up called the Arkansas Justice Institute. This is the "legal" arm of his entity which is slated to "blunt the agenda of the ACLU and other liberal organizations seeking to undermine our society." Are you getting this readers? 

Just so you know these folks have created a "network" of lawyers and supporters including sharing their viewpoints stuffed in church programs across the state while raising dollars from those collection plates. Attention LGBTQ community, you are now on notice that its time to get our house in fighting order if we are going to ride the equality wave as first class citizens. Gird your loins, its going to be a bumpy ride!

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