Friday, May 23, 2014

Staying in the Deep End of COP 24/7

What can we say? Sometimes producing this forum gets the best of me. So I'm not perfect and have never attempted such a feat. Also, every now and then some scripting or formatting causes hiccups and misplaced words that appear to be correct then by golly some how fall out of sync. Nevertheless, the intentions are usually clear and certainly the power behind our words still make the point. It's all in a day's work or should I say multiple days work when rolling out this forum as well as our collaboration with the new LGBTQ publication The READ.( If you haven't had a chance to see that terra firma newspaper than I certainly suggest that you do. But don't forget that you can also follow COP 24/7 via subscribe, RSS feed and yes sir we are also available for your mobile devices too. Come follow the information leader and with that said, let's dive in...

Finger on the "We're Crazy" Button

We posted yesterday about the raging Rapert that is Senator Jason Rapert (R-Conway) that has been on a tireless and red meat throwing diatribe about instituting a "judicial recall" petition drive in
response to the marriage equality ruling from Judge Chris Piazza earlier this month. That ruling has been put on ice by the Arkansas Supreme Court as appeals are readied.

Meanwhile, Fiddler Rapert keeps posting online quips that has resulted in a unique fund raising campaign for candidate Tyler Pearson who is running to defeat Rapert in District 35. The campaign entitled, Rule Out Arkansas' Rapert ( ROAR) is hosted by LR Pride Chairperson, J. Pierce on that social media behemoth Facebook. Basically the organizer ask individuals to donate to the link each time Rapert post more out cries and right wing nut verbiage.

It appears that this guy is just full of possible fund raising dings as he seems to have no end to his ranting and raving that the will of the people has been usurped. Not to mention that he still wants to "take back the country for God." I think you get the picture. The link re-directs to a Act Blue platform that has a small statement from Pearson stating, " I promise to match your contribution with a work ethic that you can be proud of. I am running for State Senate because I want to represent the people with the respect and integrity they deserve." So far the site reports that 40 individuals have donated $4,070 toward a goal of $5,000.

Other information from the site includes the origins of ActBlue which was founded by Matt DeBergalis who serves a Board Chairman and Benjamin Rahn in 2004 to leverage Democratic activists as effective political evangelists in their communities on- and off-line. ActBlue has raised over $150 million dollars, driving successful fundraising at all levels of the ballot. Now the nation's largest source of funds for Democratic campaigns and organizations, ActBlue represents an alternative vision for grassroots funded politics. With that kind of loot seems like Pearson is in good company. And just for the record, readers and supporters can also join our Rainbow Circle of Friends to share your donations toward our advocacy work to bring equality to all Arkansans. Use our secure Pay Pal portal to show your pride today!

Welcome to the HRC Wedding Registry Page

COP 24/7 has been  constant voice about capacity building, organizational build out and unrestricted funding streams for local community base organizations. Of course you need crafty and committed folks for any and all of that. Case in point, the HRC team stays busy with developing all manner of
fund raising and outreach to get its captive audiences to donate to their numerous efforts. Enter the HRC Wedding Registry page where couples can register there special day while allowing others to perhaps forsake the toasters and towel sets but donate to HRC instead. This ingenuous little tool not only gathers precious personal data but the organization can get some loot to boot. Not sure how many folks have been using this, but there is a "search" button involved to find couples that you may know. It's this type of out of the box thinking that allows entities such as this to maximize its ability to raise funds. May with there new south bound initiative, maybe some of this type of technical assistance and scale up could come to our local organizations.

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