Monday, May 12, 2014

Equality Monday Across Arkansas

It was fast breaking news last Friday evening as Judge Chris Piazza swooped in to give his ruling concerning the constitutionality of Arkansas 2004 ban on same sex marriage and the 1997 state
law banning such marriages. To further showcase this decision AIME will be hosting a 7 a.m. rally and press conference at the court house including remarks from HRC President, Chad Griffin.

During the duration of awaiting his decision there was some high anxiety in what at times appeared to be a decision that was going to be given by one date then there was the late afternoon announcement that was sort of hastily pronounced as the judge swiftly avoided any possible press or otherwise. And so it was, since although Attorney General Dustin McDaniel asked for a  "stay" of the decision but none was given, therefore this forum has no doubts that it's on to the Arkansas Supreme Court to get
the final say so.

In the meantime the marriage licensing went forward with Kristin Seaton & Jennifer Rambo received the first marriage license in Arkansas, and across the South! Their witness was Cheryl Maples (center), the attorney whose case brought down the marriage ban in Arkansas! Click "like" to celebrate this huge win, and read more: (Photo by Kendall Wright, named plaintiff in the landmark case)

Until then folks are making way to "jump the broom" come this Monday morning at 8am at the Pulaski County Court house in downtown Little Rock and across a few other counties such as Eureka Springs, an Ozark Mountain town of about 2,000, is known for its arts environment and liberal policies in the otherwise conservative northwest Arkansas. In 2007, the city council unanimously approved a proposal to create a domestic partner registry. The partnerships confer no special legal status, but as soon as the word came, it was wheels up and out for many individuals in search for some marriage equality in them hills. Watch all our online partner platforms as we go into overdrive trying to cover all that is happening around the city and all the legal maneuver's to come. Stay tuned...

Equality Comes to the NFL

COP 24/7 congratulates Mr. Michael Sam for his accomplishment of being drafted to the St. Louis Rams. Mr. Sam as the first openly gay player taken in the NFL draft. This triumph comes amidst a long and often tough life journey.

This trailblazer celebrated learning of his pick with his partner Vito Cammisano with an embracing kiss and tears. The video of the this lit up social media sites and set Twitter ablaze with the video being featured as apart of ESPN coverage.

It is no doubt that Mr. Sam's athletic ability and skill has secured him a position that we all should be proud of!!! Mr. Sam is another outstanding sportsman among a legion of other's such as Cheryl Swoopes, Jason Collins, Derrick Gordon and one of the first, baseball great Mr. Glen Burks. Now let this guy come play some ball!!

Gay Games Roll in Cleveland for 2014

On Saturday, 9 August, the Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Gay Games will kick off at Quicken Loans Arena (home of the Cleveland Cavs basketball team) in downtown Cleveland for a multi day run thru August 16th.

The Gay Games Opening Ceremony will offer a star-studded line up of entertainment, featuring singer, dancer, and radio host Lance Bass, Broadway actress Andrea McArdle, and the legendary Pointer Sisters. The event will generate buzz, excitement and spirit that will carry throughout the remainder of the Games.

Participants will gather in nearby Progressive Field (home of the Cleveland Indians baseball team) between 4 and 6 p.m. to meet old and new friends, have pre-party fun before organizing to march (by geography) into Quicken Loans Arena. Stay locked and loaded to COP 24/7 for more details or catch this link to their site at:

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