Friday, May 02, 2014

This and That Friday

Road Warrior COP 24/7

As many of you learned earlier this week, COP 24/7 was on the road with the Team Arkansas in attendance of AIDS Watch 2014 in Washington D.C. Of course not only was this forum offering real time posting on our various platforms, but also as a delegate to the convening which consisted of over 300 activist, advocates, and person's living with HIV and AIDS, it was a jammed packed two day event that was also mobile in scope and Net connected. (pictured: Mabin and Dabb's the AIDS Bear)

With that said, that means that as a delegate you had to maneuver the nation's capitol via either taxi, bus, car or metro. Since I get a chance to do these junkets every so
often, I've developed my own tricks of the travel trade, especially since traveling has become a "sport of the fittest," with individuals not only having to shop til they drop for the best possible air fare, but also weaving your way through the maze of "choice seats," which cost up to $34 dollars extra to wondering if you qualify for an upgrade or you could pay for an upgrade if you wish. Getting to be in boarding Group 1 is excellent and I do my best to get that isle seat if possible or window so I don't have to move for other passengers. No matter may I fully suggest that you go to the bathroom prior to boarding to make sure you that won't have endure working your way to the onboard lavatory which may have a line.

In preparation for the traveling season, may I offer a few suggestion that might relieve you of possible frustration points and or aggravation that may make your blood pressure rise.

1. Do your homework on not only the airline choice but all things connected. Don't forget that there are those pesky baggage fees of at least $25. If you choose Southwest, they will let you get their with a couple of FREE checked bags.

2. Get your strategy about how you are going to get from here to there. At LR National I usually use the Peanut Parking for $8 dollar a day if you don't have someone who can be available to pick you up. Remember that flight delays do happen and leaving your car at the airport could be an option.

3. Pre check in and print your boarding pass to skip the kiosk. Another fresh new trick that I will be adding to my routine is get the new TSA Pre-Check that will allow approved(?) persons to move through the check in point without the hassle of removing shoes, belts and other crazy that one must endure otherwise. I will update more on that process in a later post.

4. With all the new technology set up airline notifications that can reach out to you in case of changes. This was quite helpful when I experienced a flight delay and or cancellation. In case of a cancellation, don't get mad, get pro-active by seeking out the customer service desk, but better yet is to call the airline while waiting in line to get that re-booked ticket. It saved me time from waiting in a endless line.

I personally like to feel like a local when I travel to other cities. I don't want to draw attention to myself as if I am a tourist. I can't insist the element of learning your destination and surroundings of your hotel.

In case you don't know, DC has a sprawling metro rail that covers much of the city including lines that runs from Reagan National. To manage you budget if you can afford a $25 dollar cab ride downtown then by all means do so, but I opt to do what the locals do and take the metro. However, on my last outing I was none to happy with some stations that non working escalators that are several flights of stairs. This is not amusing with luggage and cause me great pause as to how can this city, the nation's capitol allow these invaluable people movers to be "out of order." In full disclosure there are some elevators for use but when in the heat of the daily rush, its no always practical. If Little Rock had a subway mass transit system, I would further decrease my carbon foot print and still make use of those moments to read the paper or otherwise.

To bad this city didn't have the fore thought to instituted such a system up against all the concrete that's being poured for the Big Rock exchange or what was once know as the "Wilbur Mills Freeway" that was carved through the city. I know that there has been some nod to high speed train to the airport but I haven't heard much been talked about this concept. In the meantime, do your self a favor and remember those Five "P's" that will make your traveling more smoother and less hectic. Try it you must like it!

Trans Lobby Day in the District

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund is proud to partner with the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Trans People of Color Coalition, Coalition Translatin@, PFLAG National, Black Transmen Inc and Black Transwomen Inc on the 2014 Transgender Lobby Day.

To build on the historic Senate passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in fall of 2013, over 100 transgender and ally advocates from across the country will come to Washington, DC to educate their members of Congress and lobby for ENDA's passage in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Every participant will receive training to ensure our members of Congress listen to our stories of workplace harassment and violence.

With our voices in the fight, we can move ENDA forward and ensure all Americans can seek and keep jobs without hiding who they are.

Click here to learn more or to register and attend the 2014 Transgender Lobby Day.

Are you ready? It's coming and it's coming big! Stay tuned to COP 24/7 for the countdown to the next The Read. You just don't want to miss it...we promise! For advertising opportunities call 501-349-7777.

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