Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Working the Hump and More

As Dolly would say "working nine to five, what a way to make a living," is not the life that COP 24/7 always enjoys. Just for the record, it's almost never the case. Because kicking out this platform as well as tackling many of our ever evolving endeavors can be a daunting task to say the least. Why heck, just doing this blog for the last ten years itself gives one really something to think about when it comes to longevity and staying power. Wow, who knew! With all that said, it's another face paced, its hot up in here week at COP 24/7!! Let's dive right in, shall we...

Truthful Tuesday Talks Back

On yesterday COP 24/7 was on the scene of Truthful Tuesday which is held each week at noon on the Capitol Steps in downtown Little Rock. The event is the brainchild of "a coalition built on the idea
that our government should be "by the people," "of the people," and "for the people." At the forefront of the Arkansas Truthful Tuesday Coalition  is Rev. Wendell Griffin whom brings a spirited "tent revival " tone that speaks to an array of social justice issues ranging from voter's rights to yesterday's marriage equality.

Griffin led participants in a "Truthful Tuesday" chant ala mantra that set the pace for the numerous speakers who shared their lived experiences and overviews of how their lives have been impacted due to lawmakers who have been supportive of keeping LGBTQ individuals just short of full inclusion. Dressed in his pastoral robe, Griffin decried that you can get married in the church house but you can't get a license their. Further he outlined that "equality" should be and has always been about all people. Griffin was among the clergy who was available to offer his services as couples sought licenses and marriage ceremonies in the county court house May 12th. At this time a legal "stay" has been placed by the Arkansas Supreme Court that
blocked further same gender marriages that was afforded through a legal decision by Circuit Judge Chris Piazza May 9th. (pictured left: Griffin offering vows to S. Thomas and A. Cox Thomas)

The thirty minute meet up featured transgendered advocate Tommie Luckett who told the audience of her rise from some self imposed isolation to become more engaged and active in her participation at this year's AIDS Watch 2014 and attendance at HIV Criminalization conference in Iowa next month. " I had never flown on plane, never spoke large groups but all of this has come to me recently and I'm glad that I decided to become more involved." she said.

 Local comedian and entrepreneur, Angie Richardson addressed the crowd about her personal involvement and her desire to encourage many in the African American community to become more visible in their participation. CAR founder and ED, gave a passionate speech about acceptance, diversity and how the system continues to be tilted toward exclusion rather than inclusion of gay people especially around the marriage equality issue. Griffin concluded the meeting with words of encouragement that those participating would return next week to add the chorus of voices talking back to those who would not embrace the concept of "by the people, of the people."

Rocking the Vote In Purple

Yesterday was "Super Tuesday 2014" in which the electorate got to either participate or not participate considering the low voter turn out. Talking heads were in non stop coverage and re-coverage of all things politics throughout the evening. On the ABC website it was reported, "No
surprise here. The Associated Press declared Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., and Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., as the winners of their respective primaries in Arkansas. Both Pryor and Cotton were uncontested in the primary races, allowing them to focus on the general election instead of waging tough primary fights. Recent polls show Pryor, whose father held the same Senate seat he’s looking to hold onto, ahead of Cotton by double digits." Talkers such as MSNBC Chuck Todd mused on that Arkansas politics was ebbing and flowing from "red to purple" in nature as far as a big mash up of both Republican and Democratic office holders. COP 24/7 encourages our readers to be informed as to their choices and those whom will be running in the November 4th fall out.

 For the LGBTQ community there is no actual data to support exactly "what say ye" about any candidates. Candidate Drew Pritt was defeated by D.R. Massey in his bid for District 6 Justice of the Peace position and offered a concession note on his Facebook page. And its that it's still "crickets" from the Stonewall Democrats and believe it or not as "deep red" as Arkansas has been described apparently there is no Log Cabin Republican group in the state. There could be some "national" members but according to their website they show no bona fide organization in place. On a national front Clay Aiken won his primary bid for a North Carolina's Congressional seat. Now that a race that will definitely be watched along with that Pryor and Cotton barn burner that has the airwaves filled with much back and forth. Stay tuned for more updates...

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