Friday, May 09, 2014

TGIF to the Firth Power

WOW! It's been another raging and storming week as we prepare for the Mother's Day weekend. COP 24/7 has been at wit's end and keeping up with all the late breaking news, updates, follow up's and any corrections along the line. After some tweaking and getting some technical assistance, COP 24/7 will return to posting video's and links to some great content including our long overdue podcast!  Of course this platform is not perfect and never has tried to attempt to be. If we get it right, then by golly its done. If we get it wrong then, charge it to our heads and not our hearts. As we celebrate our tenth year ( has it really been that long?) in September of this year, we've learned much along the way and more to come as we keep bringing you our funky fresh take on "what's really going on." Thanks for reading, subscribing and staying on point with COP 24/7!!! Also Happy Mother's Day to all across the globe!

HRC Cometh

Earlier this week there was a HRC teleconference to assess as well as begin the process to inform listener participant as the organizations roll out of its Project One America initiative set to serve Mid-south states of  Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi. There is also a scheduled community meeting and reception, Monday, May 12, at the Arkansas Arts Center, 5:30 p.m. featuring remarks from HRC President, Chad Griffin.

According a circulated web piece and some direct contact from HRC surrogates, it seems that HRC and it's leadership has decided that Project One America is the perfect complement to HRC’s existing campaigns and grassroots efforts and their interest in reaching out to the area.  COP 24/7 has observed and watched from afar as to buzz, chatter, bitching and all manner of networking that has occurred harking back to the parachuting in around the Sheridan teen Taylor Ellis. Although this moving train appears to have many "moving parts" not to mention many talking heads to go with it. With all that is still unfolding, this forum has yet to fully understand the scope of what constitutes "a comprehensive campaign to dramatically expand LGBT equality in the South through permanent campaigns in Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas." So what does all this mean and exactly who is going to what, when, how and resulting in what outcomes are to be reveal at some point.

In case any hasn't notice Arkansas has been "ebbing and flowing" for decades across numerous areas of the equality mash up. From the Sodomy provision that was overturned years ago through countless "community assessments," into the current realm of what appears to be a mighty uptick in "all things LGBTQ." Amazing as it seems, as we await the final Piazza decision spanning transgender town hall meetings to LGBTQ Health initiative, who new that Arkansas would be leaping forward in addressing challenges and barrier including folks waiting to "jump the broom," the second the announcement comes.

With all this jockeying and maneuvering, this forum would hope that all this new found energy could also be duplicated around a whole host of other social issues such as living wages, affordable housing stock, hunger and poor financial literacy that doesn't totally support that premise that "gay's have all that disposable income to consume things with." In the meantime, we wait for the marriage equality decision and prepare for the razzle dazzle to come. Stay tuned to this forum for all the latest....

Communicating Rainbow Style

This time next Friday, the official launch party for The READ will be stepping off at The New Six Ten, 610 Center St., 7-9pm in downtown Little Rock. As a co-collaborator with the creative forces of the publication, COP 24/7 certainly wants to do a shout out to let all of readers, subscribers and supporters know that its going down.

The rough drafts have been coming fast and furiously as the staff has gone into overdrive trying to get every possible angel covered while serving advertising interest. To date advertisers are seeking out and inquiring about the publication with the recent addition of I-30 Liquor as a major sponsor and the Human Right Campaign making a significant ad purchase.

The staff further reports that this version of the newspaper will be a 20 pager featuring local entertainer spotlights, gossip column, human interest stories and community resources. Advertising rates and information can be obtained from calling 501.379-8203 or reaching out to  An online version of the publication will be scaling up with some possible exclusive coverage that ay not appear in the hard copy. Check out the site at and stay tuned to COP 24/7 for all the updates.

COP 24/7 In the Media Mix

Producing this forum not only takes focus but often times as Executive Producer, I get to engage in other media matters in different formats. Earlier this week I was honored to serve as moderator of AETN's Community Cinema screening of The New Black which focused on the intersections of the marriage equality issue ( how ironic?) within the Black community.

Sponsored by Laman Library and KUAR, the evening's screening allowed viewers to watch how advocacy, empowerment and various challenges faced by those involved in the Maryland question. Next month COP 24/7 will be the featured guest on the WOE show on the Papa Chulo network. Hosted by Wyatt O. Evans, the show topic was
to highlight my community service work, advocacy around health disparities and collaborations ranging from serving as the Arkansas HIV Planning Group Co-chair to my mixed bag of media contributions. Evans reached out in an effort to showcase this platform in return for a post about his recent book, "RAGE: Nothing Can Tear Us Apart." The interview was arranged through the producers of the Papa Chulo housed in Miami through a internet connection with the host in Silver Springs, Maryland. Talk about the hook up!

Although this opportunity was pre-recorded an actual date if forthcoming as to its air date which will be released here. It is our goal to also resume our own podcast that were ground breaking as among the first to present LGBTQ centric material in the state. 
In June I will be participating in a panel discussion around HIV/AIDS issues during the AMPD conference at the Crown Plaza, it's back to Washington D.C. for the Enroll America conference and in July, presenting during the National Association of Black and White Men Together annual conference in Milwaukee.( )
These are only just a few examples of COP 24/7 out in the local community and connecting to national venues. It is for this reason we seek to add members to our Rainbow Circle of Friends. Your supportive donations would assist in our continuing advocacy efforts as well as keep COP 24/7 humming along. Use our secured Pay Pal gateway in the margins to make your donation today. I hope that we could count on you!!


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