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And Away We Go

Last weeks Holy Week went in so many directions that COP 24/7 almost couldn't keep up with not only breaking international, national and certainly all the crazy that was put good old Arkansas on front street, again. But through it all, there was so much that needed addressing, calling out, shout outing and dissing that we dare try to do it in one sitting. Even though this platform broke out in real time news tidbits on our Facebook page, we didn't want our flagship not to get in on the action. Now where do we start? Let's spin the wheel and let the chips fall where they may...

Win, Loose or Draw

In case you lost count, there were numerous news sources that was keeping a tally of exactly who was winning or not winning last week's culture war in the guise of religion freedom. Ultimately, what happen is the real "winner," is Gov. Hutchinson who did a step out on the issue by saying that he would sign HB1228 without reservations, then the Gov. realized that this had touched off disdain in Indiana where he saw his fellow Republican Gov. Pence in a pickle.

So he rolled to the mike and did a "360" shuffle that what he thought the bill was, did not reflect a federal bill that he was aware of. With that said, he pivoted the matter with a "recall," of the measure asking for a "re-do," hinted at some kind of "Executive Order," and moving on to discussions that would be acceptable to the conservative pack. Consequently resulting in HB 959 as a "Cadillac," bill instead of the "Rolls Royce," of hate that his comrades actually wanted. Talk about politicking Arkansas style!!  

Now in all of this whirling mass, COP 24/7 was glad to see the surge of participants who rallied back and forth to the capitol to express their outrage about all this governing. From all practical purposes, the LGBTQ community was a winner as well, even though not getting the verbiage sought, it was good to see the young set doing their civic duty with signs, T-Shirts, and all manner of protest material. 

So where were the actual losers? It was the rest of the marginalized communities who had legislation heaped upon them such as drug testing those seeking SNAP benefits, low wage earners who were not afforded a tax cut and the unemployed whom had weeks of benefits shaved off because they are seen as lazy and shiftless. These folks didn't have banners, flags or a contingent of folks stumping on their behalf.

Amazing as it seems, COP 24/7 stood with folks on Truthful Tuesday's that addressed these issues without much media presence, no "big top" coordination or many young people who might have thought that this circumstance might warranted their outrage. None of these folks didn't or couldn't find time for any of that social injustice, but seemed to be activated otherwise. And finally as we conclude, we have a "draw," with Governor Hutchison reneging on his Executive Order action., and as DOG columnist, John Brummett called it, "it's all about perceptions and reality."

Scholarship Funding Announced

The Little Rock Pride committee in conjunction with Parent and Friends of Gays and Lesbians (PFLAG) has announced a new scholarship that we'll be awarding to a 2015 Arkansas high school senior. The funding was secured through activities associated with last year's Little Rock Pride Fest.

Candidates should be prepared to submit an essay to answer the question, "how would you work to progress LGBTQ rights in Arkansas, also must be enrolling in an accredited institution and must be either LGBTQ or an ally.

 More information can be found here:

Arkansas Christians for Equality Launches

As an emerging group, Arkansas Christians for Equality have announced on Facebook that they are a body of believers, united in the cause of equality for ALL of God's creations. Man, women, black,
white, gay, straight - whoever you are, you are loved and accepted. We believe God has created and loves all people equally - regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The page was founded by Chad Jones, writer of "The Pro Gay Christian" blog ( as a way to unify Christians in Arkansas that share the same view that God welcomes and loves all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Jones advises that we are Christians united across the state of Arkansas to show unity through the true message of our faith - to love our neig...hbor and support them. 

 We advocate for equal rights for the entire LGBT community and strive to be a true example of the Christian faith. It's true that you can be a Christian and support the LGBT community and we strive to change the stereotype that the average Christian is anti-gay. Need more information?
call 501-733-7324 or Email  Tell you heard about it here first!

LINQ for Life Launches Go Fund Me Campaign, Receives Donation

LinQ For Life Incorporated another local emerging 501c3 non-profit organization has been established to continue addressing health disparities in communities of color, especially young Black men directly affected by new HIV infections has launched a Go Fund Me campaign ( ) to support its fundraising efforts.

"Donations to the capital campaign or fulfilling items on our wish list,  will serve as a foundation of support for our goal to establish The LinQ House, which will serve as a safe space for our testing,

Brown continued, "It is our position that there is an ongoing need that now must embrace our ability to offer "the next generation," intervention and prevention options which will include both 10 and 20 minute rapid health screenings and lab supported confirmation services which we hope that will eventually result grow into Arkansas' first peer operated Federal Qualified Health Care clinic."
peer counseling, linkage and retention in care services, as well as future emergency shelter," said L.V. Brown founder.

The group also announced that Men of D.I.S.T.I.N.C. wanted to show their support for the concept and made a $300 donation toward the prevention fund. Southwest Coordinator, Chase Hale, said that he was impressed with how the entity had developed since its inception last year and the positive partnership that occurred during their groups recent regional meeting in Little Rock.

Although research shows that statistically young gay black men in Arkansas have been cited as disproportionately bearing the brunt of new HIV infections, the agencies services will be available to all who need them in our service area. For more information check out their website: 

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