Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Tuesday ZIP File

The worst secret in all the world rolled out Sunday afternoon as Former First Lady, Senator and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said what all her supporters have been waiting for, "I'm running for President!"

As you can imagine, all of social media erupted including those of us swilling down libations in a local haunt as the word broke. Now with this collective sigh out of the way, the 2016 political cycle is swirling up to be a thunder dome event complete with what we now know could be the next "Billion Dollar," blow out.

On the Republican side we've got Cruz, Paul and now Rubio also ready to stump for their respective agendas and conservative ideals with candidate Rand Paul already talking about, "taking our country back," and Rubio espousing that we don't want to return to "yesterday." All we can say is that it's on and who knows where this hot mess will end up. Today Clinton has done a slow stroll to Iowa in her "reconnect" listening tour as she prepares to meet and greet folks about being their "champion" of everyday Americans.

All we can say is "let the games begin," as we all get ready for another barn burning, shade throwing, name calling, foot in mouth, political throw down that we've come expect here in America. Ladies and gentlemen gird your loins, its about to get real ugly...stay tuned.

#Black Lives Matter
Community Policing, Guns, & Me Part 1

COP 24/ 7 has not been so distracted not to be appalled as well as disgusted with the ongoing incidents involving the use of deadly force especially in regards to unarmed Black men. From Ferguson to this week in Tulsa, we are continuing to see this type of force resulting in the deaths of  these individuals who have encountered local law enforcements for minor infractions to other criminal activity.

Yet within all this social justice and judicial mayhem, I find myself reflecting on my own past experiences involving myself as a young person before I ever really understood what Billie Holiday meant by "Strange Fruit," and before coined catch phrases such as "racial profiling," and social justice or determinants. I realize now that I had already experienced being profiled when I would go to a local store with my Father only to be watch be the store owners wife, Mrs. Sipes. She would peer around the aisle, or mysteriously be standing over me, gazing at me over her large frame glasses with a "what are trying to steal smirk,?" 

And it didn't stop their. Later in life, I remember being stopped in then Safeway on Main Street for questioning about "friends" that may have been shoplifting. I was not apart of any such theft, but because I arrived with the individuals, it was "perceived," that I perhaps was guilty by association. Even as I found my way to the gay nightlife, I had heard stories of police raids and found myself faced with such a raid on one occasion. I pondered if this would be the time that the cops may act out or show out as I had read about what had happened at the Stonewall Inn.

How could I forget when I was hauled into court on a warrant for my arrest when actually the offender was my younger brother posing as myself with my drivers license involved in accident.
I profusely stated to the judge that I was not at the scene of the infraction. I was emphatic that I had no knowledge of that accident nor had signed any citation and I absolutely did not commit the offense.

Yet the young police officer testified that he had encountered "me" on the night in question, even though my brother was "5 '6," to my "6'1," frame and his then 275 pounds to my then 190 lbs., not to mention that my sibling had a full head of hair to my own baldness. It didn't matter according to the judge, I had non "real" proof that I was not on the scene in lieu of the officers testimony otherwise. I was found guilty and fined.  Even though none of this resulted in the violence we've witnessed, but with the turn of dime, slip of finger, or any matter of an instance, I might could have been one of those gentlemen.

Locally I may not have been apart of visible unrest, but its weighed heavy on my mind that many of my brothers and sisters have met death at the hand of those who are sworn to protect. I've seen the back and forth from organizers of this march, civil disobedience, panel discussion or policy engagement.

I've come to realize that I just can't be in every lane, but I'm concerned that although I may be busy with other issues, I'm concerned that there's not enough visibility on this important dilemma as well. There's so much on the plate as far my own social and human rights interest, but I do my best to at least be aware, empathize and find time to recognize those such as Mr. Mondale Robinson who are on the front lines to call attention to the issue. I close with this listing he posted to his Facebook page as reminded readers that more action is needed from all sectors of our community.

Here are the names of Black people killed by police in 2015
Walter Scott 50
Bernard Moore 62
Lavall Hall 25
Jonathan Ryan Paul 42
Jamie Croom 31
Terry Garnett Jr. 37
Monique Jenee Deckard 43
Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. 19
Tyrone Ryerson Lawrence 45
Naeschylus Vinzant 37
Andrew Anthony Williams 48
Dewayne Deshawn Ward Jr. 29
Ledarius Williams 23
Yvette Henderson 38
Edward Donnell Bright, Sr. 56
Thomas Allen Jr. 34
Charley Leundeu Keunang, “Africa” 43
Fednel Rhinvil 25
Shaquille C. Barrow 20
Kendre Omari Alston 16
Brandon Jones 18
Darrell “Hubbard” Gatewood 47
Cornelius J. Parker 28
Ian Sherrod 40
Jermonte Fletcher 33
Darin Hutchins 26
Glenn C. Lewis 37
Calvon A. Reid 39
Tiano Meton 25
Demaris Turner 29
Isaac Holmes 19
A’Donte Washington 16
Terry Price 41
Stanley Lamar Grant 38
Askari Roberts 35
Dewayne Carr 42
Terrance Moxley 29
Theodore Johnson 64
Cedrick Lamont Bishop 30
Anthony Hill 27
Terence D. Walke 21
Janisha Fonville 20
Phillip Watkins 23
Anthony Bess 49
Desmond Luster, Sr. 45
James Howard Allen 74
Natasha McKenna 37
Herbert Hill 26
Markell Atkins 36
Kavonda Earl Payton 39
Rodney Walker 23
Donte Sowell 27
Mario A. Jordan 34
Artago Damon Howard 36
Andre Larone Murphy Sr. 42
Marcus Ryan Golden 24
Brian Pickett 26
Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed 41
Ronald Sneed 31
Leslie Sapp III 47
Matthew Ajibade 22

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