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Hey Is This Thing ON?
Since this digital town square rolled out back in 2004, we've always been trying to stay relevant as well as on technology edge of things. Of course, at that time who knew what was to come, how it would impact our abilities to communicate or for heaven sakes, being able to stay "plugged," through these now nifty smart phones!
And so it is, and COP 24/7 grew to showcase our ability to be among the first Arkansas LGBTQ podcast on this platform plus we've found our way to creating our own produced videos to enhance our messaging capabilities. Even as other media outlets have come and gone, COP 24/7 has stood in the gap to educate, empower and entertain with our distinct take on "what's really going on." As we count down to our final bow of COP 24/7, watch for more videos, links, App's, badges and so much more before we close the doors in September.
Exploring Marriage Equality
Earlier this year I got a happy coincidence to meet celebrated journalist and writer Steven Thrasher as
he rolled through our state on a whirlwind effort to get the story around anti-gay legislative matters at our state house and to gather as much vibe he could about our local scene.
His story gave a good snapshot of the situation and a fair overview of those that might be impacted for all to understand. Since then, I have stayed on watch for both is television appearances and all his media or creative pieces that speak volumes about a range of subject from his take on the history of the Afro to his latest on marriage equality which can be found at 
Its an interesting take on where we've come from on the issue to how rapidly we've arrived to finally having Supreme Court hearings this week. As a side note, several of the Arkansas plaintiffs have arrived in Washington D.C. to be apart of planned festivities around the courts hearings. COP 24/7 would hope that those in attendance would share their observations on this platform or our Facebook page. Watch all our platforms for updates on Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal's tirades about how citizens should be outraged at this possibility or even get on their knees to pray it away!
Steven W Thrasher is writer-at-large for Guardian US. He was named Journalist of the Year 2012 by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, the Advocate and more. Follow him on Twitter at @thrasherxy or visit his website.
Transgender Week 101
Amazing as it seems, last week appeared to be all about being transgendered from A to Z. Of course the mega news story of the week was the Diane Sawyer tour de force interview with Olympian Bruce Jenner who revealed that he's a "Woman."  That news and all the hype swirled by the ABC network had folks of all manner waiting with baited breath for every word that Jenner would reveal about his journey. From all indications the story had legs and has continued to trend across all media platforms, personal conversations and talking heads galore. In case you missed it, there was also additional stories about youngsters who have decided to "transition" as the parents have found abilities to accept
that choice.
If that wasn't enough, then there was the "Prancing Elite's"(pictured above) whom J-setted their way on to the reality TV scene over on the Oxygen network. In their premiere episode, the all male gay dance troupe which wears female dance attire as costuming were rejected for a local parade. However, the team decided to defy their management's advice and go forth and prance in the Saraland, Alabama parade.
Their presence got mixed emotions and it seems that this show resonated among BGM who took to Twitter and Facebook with their cries of support and their own tears that the team was facing challenges in being accepted. Of course it didn't hurt that BGM favorite Nene Leakes was a featured guest who offered words of inspiration to the giddy and admiring mega-fans.  In case you missed it, its got a
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