Thursday, April 16, 2015

Going for It Thursday

Doing a LGBT 360

I discovered the is cute and informative video that I knew that I needed to share with all of you. As you already are aware of, we are getting stoked for the gladiator political throw down not to mention that non-discrimination ordinance being tossed around like a "hot potato," by the City Board of
Directors.  The measure would protect LGBT city workers from discrimination and require contractors with the city to abide by non-discrimination rules that include sexual orientation and gender identity. In past meetings there was inquiry from Joan Adcock (pictured right) about a potential conflict with the state's Act 137, the recently passed law which forbids municipalities from extending protections to gays and lesbians.

To answer her question, city attorney Tom Carpenter told the board he hadn't consider the state law because he believes a federal supremacy argument will prevail. In full disclosure, Mrs. Adcock is the representative from our neck of the woods and we have never been a great fan of her governance. If we had a choice, it would be high time for her to head to the house and be done. But since that she's still around, I guess we'll have to deal with her around this issue and what can be perceived as her disdain for certain people. Several years ago board member Erma Hendrix was embroiled in a terse "back and forth," around insensitive gay comments in regards to a proposed day center in her ward. She stated she did not say or was as we often hear from politico's, she was mis-quoted or either it was taken out of context. The matter subsided and everyone moved on.

But now here we are again with City Director Kathy Webb seeking votes to get this matter on the books despite the looming state law that is waiting in the wings to keep cities from passing these type of laws. So as the wrangling and hand wringing goes on, we shall await outcomes coming next week.  In the meantime enjoy this great video which outlines just what has happened favorably to the LGBTQ community and what could happen if the tide turns and we get a real hater at 1600 Penn Ave.   

AIDS Watch 2015
Earlier this week almost 400 advocates from 30 states, Puerto Rico, and DC came together to learn about HIV policy; celebrate our community's success; and to meet with over 220 Members of Congress to educate them about important issues to people living with HIV in the United States. Arkansas was represented by Ms.Tommy Luckett who is also member of the USPLWHA caucus lobbied her representative French Hill around the issues of HIV criminalization, Ryan White, HOPWA and Affordable Care Act. She and other participants represented states that account for 92% of the current U.S. epidemic.
COP 24/7 urges our readers to use the policy action center to look up your representatives, get information about new HIV-related legislation, and stay current on important policy news! We also encourage you to use and adapt the AIDSWatch fact sheets in your meetings with your federal representatives in their district offices. They are a great tool to help elected officials understand the HIV epidemic and know how they can make a difference.
AIDSWatch was made possible thanks to the dedication of our organization partners Treatment Access Expansion Project, AIDS United, the US PLHIV Caucus  and the generous support from our sponsors: AIDS Resource Center Wisconsin (ARCW); AIDS United; The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR); Bristol-Myers Squibb; Community Education Group; The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation; FHI 360; Human Rights Campaign; Legacy Community Health Services; Lifelong; Merck; National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD); NMAC; Pozitively Healthy; Treatment Action Expansion Project; and the United States People Living with HIV Caucus.

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