Friday, April 17, 2015

The Big Gay COP 24/7 Show

It's been another hell of a week here in COP 24/7 land as well as out their in the wild wacky world that we call Earth! No matter how you look at it, this week had been "off the chain," until the Internet broke yesterday with the latest Star Wars trailer that had folks mesmerized and talking about nothing else. Although we will not get 17 Million views like the trailer, we still got our own "big gay show," to offer and we hope that you will enjoy the post, links, videos and all that we can put out here at COP 24/7!!

"Angie Said That" Rolls Out book

We'll if former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik can do it and so many other's have done it,
then why not former club entrepreneur Angie Richardson? Do what you ask?  Pen a book, "The Cries Behind The Bars," while she spends time at the Women's Unit in Newport, Arkansas and gets it listed as being available on no less!

According to the site, " Angie, is a well known Club Owner, Comedian and Entertainer. With her current situation she is determined to push through the pain and hold true to her faith. Turning her ultimate stumbling blocks into stepping stones, she is using her current situation and real life Prison experience to give birth to pen and narrative, with live interviews from Pulaski County inmates, Newport Prison inmates and her life as a Prisoner! Angie, tells all in a way that only she can as "Angie said that."  Just as a recap, Richardson claimed to be the victim of mistaken identity but was convicted of being the female bandit who pepper-sprayed a bank clerk during a December 2012 armed robbery along with Jerry L. Johnson.

This forum was made aware that there had been some talk from area organizers of recognizing  Richardson with some type of "award' in regards to her local efforts. At post time COP 24/7 has not been able to substantiate exactly to what extent this recognition will be given. Richardson has been apart of past Black Pride activities that included pageantry and off site events.

The 282 page paperback book priced at $19.95 and $17.96 for Amazon subscribers, is described as "self published," and is being touted as apart of her "12-12-12," series to which there is no explanation. Nonetheless it appears that the ever resourceful Richardson is attempting to continue her entrepreneurial spirit with Facebook postings, Twitter feed and allegedly her work will be coming to a book store near you soon. Stay tuned...there's probably more to come on this one.

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