Friday, April 10, 2015

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Diversity in the City

As part of UALR's Diversity Week, April 13- 17 in conjunction with the Annual Racial Attitudes Conference, president of the UALR Alliance, Zack Baker, discusses the importance of diversity and the LGBT community with additional video clips of other local participants.

In its 12th year, the conference includes a panel discussion focused on the annual Racial Attitudes in Pulaski County Survey Report titled “Values, Family, and Community.” Dr. LaVerne Bell-Tolliver, professor at UALR’s School of Social Work, will moderate.

The survey stems from telephone interviews with 1,826 respondents representing five geo-racial groups: Little Rock Whites (LRW), Outside of Little Rock Whites (OLRW), Little Rock Blacks (LRB), Outside of Little Rock Blacks (OLRB), and Hispanics. The report, which highlights statistically significant differences and commonalities among the groups, focuses on three areas identified as Basic Values, Contemporary Trends, and Community Issues. 
Respondents were given the opportunity to sound off on subjects ranging from same-sex and interracial marriage, to single-parenting,  religious and moral values, police and community relations, unfair treatment in the workplace and public establishments, and the quality of life in their neighborhoods.
One of the most striking responses in the report came from how differently whites, blacks and Hispanics view and interpret the Michael Brown killing incident in Ferguson, Mo., last year.
Dr. Michael Twyman, author of the report and director of the Institute on Race and Ethnicity, said “Many of the responses illuminate just how various community members can see the same things occurring in society so dramatically different depending on their cultural lens and individual experience.”
The full report will be available online at following the forum. Click here for more information on UALR Diversity Week.



Advocates for Youth Program Seeking Leadership Recruits

If selected, participants will have opportunities to: develop new organizing and leadership skills; become informed on sexual and reproductive health issues; connect with passionate young people from across the country; and build skills to make a lasting impact in your community. You will also join more than 100 youth activists in Washington, DC for an intense four-day activist training institute free of charge!
Advocates' youth activists have done amazing work this year. You can join them in:
  • Advocating for better sexual health education policies in your state
  • Increasing HIV testing and condom availability in your community or on your campus
  • Providing confidential support and resources to young people who are coming out as LGBTQ
  • Mobilizing your peers around international family planning issues
  • Working toward ending the shame and stigma people are made to feel about having an abortion
If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click here to find out more about the programs and apply today! Applications are due May 1, 2015. 

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