Monday, July 13, 2015

Back on The Road with COP 24/7

Taking to the Road
LGBT Netroots Connect

You just never know where COP 24/7 will end up next? This week we are excited to participate in LGBT Netroots Connect in Phoenix, Arizona, July 14 and then on to Netroots Nation for the rest of the week.  Talk about connecting to all things social media, advocacy, activism and all manner of workshops, forums, keynoters and caucuses amidst forecast of up to 2000 folks roaming the massive Phoenix Convention Center.

Just as a recap, the group was founded in 2008 as the National Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative. LGBT Netroots Connect develops programs that bring online and offline activists and leaders together to create change. They work with leaders, journalists, LGBT organization staff, bloggers and activists to discuss the future of the LGBT movement and the ways in which our actions impact it.

The annual gatherings creates alliances and projects that focus on uniting today’s and tomorrow’s community leaders. By bringing together these leaders with the larger progressive movement, it is the goal the pre-conference to begin conversations and dialog about "what's on the LGBT agenda moving forward."

COP 24/7 is proud to be once again stepping up to represent our beloved state of Arkansas while trying to make sure that we are not missing from the national table talk. Stay tuned this week as we will be hot, live and otherwise from this event. 

USCA Is Rolling Up this Fall!

Leader Pelosi will speak on Thursday, September 10, at the United States Conference on AIDS‘ Federal Plenary in Washington, DC. At the plenary, for her tireless work in the fight against HIV, Pelosi will receive the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS
Foundation. Since her first day in Congress, combating HIV and AIDS has been a priority for Leader Pelosi, stating in her first speech in Congress on June 9, 1987, that “…now we must take leadership of course in the crisis of AIDS.”

During the four years she served as Speaker of House, discretionary funding for HIV/AIDS was increased by over half a billion dollars. In that time, the bans on federal funding for syringe exchange and the travel ban for people with HIV/AIDS were lifted – fights Pelosi had been waging since her first years in Congress.

Pelosi spearheaded the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which has provided significant benefits for those with HIV/AIDS by:
  • dramatically increasing access to Medicaid for people with HIV,
  • improving Medicare Part D for people participating in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP),
  • ending discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, and
  • ending annual and lifetime caps on health benefits.
Please join us for this important plenary as we celebrate Leader Pelosi’s leadership and her receipt of the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award. For more information, please go to the USCA webpage.

For more information on USCA Registration, USCA Scholarships, & USCA Agenda, please visit our web page. Look for the 2015 USCA Smartphone Application to be available soon.

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