Thursday, July 23, 2015

Take ACTION Thursday

Talking to Power about HIV Criminalization
Today, dozens of states criminalize people living with HIV using laws based on scientifically inaccurate depictions of HIV risks and transmission routes. For example, some state laws still
consider spitting or scratching as a potential HIV exposure even though HIV cannot be transmitted by either. These laws contradict public health goals by stigmatizing people living with HIV, discouraging testing and open conversation, and keeping people from the care and supportive services they need.

COP 24/7 is joining a call to action as we encourage individuals to ask our Capitol Hill delegation to become aware and informed on HR 1586, The Repeal HIV Criminalization Act of 2015. Please go to to the Policy Action Center page where you can send a message to these policy makers directly. Its is vitally important that Arkansas is not left out of this call to action. They must hear from stakeholders, allies, consumers, PLWHA, activist and advocates who believe that such laws are not conducive to current science or that criminalizes a chronic condition.

NAACP Stumps for Justice

On August 1, the NAACP is proud to kick off America's Journey for Justice. We're marching across the South to the steps of our nation's Capitol to shout "Our lives, our votes, our jobs, our schools matter." And we refuse to be ignored.

That's 46 days of old-school marching. That's 860 miles for freedom and dignity. That's 1.7 MILLION steps towards justice.

Will you help us fuel America's Journey for Justice from Selma to Washington, D.C.? Chip in $5 or more today to add your name as a recognized Grassroots Sponsor.

Our nation is again at a crossroads. Prejudice, violence, and disenfranchisement threaten to erase so much of what we have fought for over the decades.

This journey won't be easy—but we're strongest when we stand shoulder to shoulder and back to back. Please, make a contribution to support the marchers on America's Journey for Justice:

Building Healthy Organizations: 
Talking Power, Money & Strategy 

Today's community-based organization (CBO) must move beyond acts of charity and develop sustainable models of business to transform lives over the long term.  In order to successfully achieve this, CBOs must effectively: 1.) Make the most of limited resources; 2.) Maximize fundraising efforts; and 3.) Recruit and retain talented staff.  

dynamics of power book coverUnderstanding these needs, NMAC has developed a new compendium of manuals to support the already existing Organizational Effectiveness Series manuals, which have become a staple in nonprofit governance.  NMAC is introducing three new manuals this summer.  The first three manuals will be, Understanding the Dynamics of Power in Healthy Organizations; Fundraising; and Strategic Management.  These manuals address new and innovative approaches to organizational governance and management, fundraising and the dynamics that support and empower managers to lead.

This first release, Understanding the Dynamics of Power in Healthy Organizations, has been developed to increase the capacity of nonprofit mid-level and senior level leaders, and provides information on the dynamics of power in healthy organizations.

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