Friday, July 10, 2015

Zones Unplugged

All this week we've been peaking into various LGBT "zones" ranging from the defining what safe zones should look like and how folks inhabiting those areas should feel. Plus we've discovered that there's plenty more understanding to be determined as to the pro's and con's of the post marriage
equality community infrastructure.

Now that this battle has been accomplished where's the energy and resource to address many of the core socio-economic issues such as affordable housing, racism, homophobia, HIV stigma and criminalization, employment, and transportation challenges. Where are the rally's, emergency meetings, phone banking and outcry about these"elephants" still in the room? Meanwhile, the planning continues around more community dialog and assessment of "what we all are supposedly doing work to improve matters."

As we move about the country next week, COP 24/7 is requesting that all our readers share what they think are the "next steps."  What's on your agenda or how do you foresee the next major hurdles in the gay community. What can identified and perhaps who will be at the table to make the case. Its vitally important that there's a place for all who want to shape what's to come and make sure that its not a inbound train. And oh, where is all the cash going to come from to do what needs to be done
probably should be a priority discussion...

And now the Friday Video...


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