Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hot July Tuesday 2015

What is Privilege?: The Exercise to Make You Think Twice

Across the nation there's been outcries and decrees of #Black Lives Matter in relation to a series of murders and incidents that have at times erupted into violence and total civil unrest. Since these incidents occurred there has been an outpouring of discussions, debates, tirades, rants and protest around racial and social injustice landscapes that have received attention from many including the President of the United States to local activist who held "die in's" in the wake of the turmoil. As this highly charged issue continues to ebb and flow its way through our daily grind, we can't forget the elements of how "privilege" has an immediate impact on much of what has happen in American and continues to this day.

This short video which was shared with COP 24/7 by our intrepid content provider, Paul C. of Los Angeles, whom always seems to find just what's needed when we need something fresh or refreshing for this platform. He has been totally on point with his submissions as well as, other insightful pieces that he has forwarded for our consideration.

Amazing as this seems, It's strange that he can find the time to source material while making sure that we get a crack at posting it. I find this quite interesting in lieu of the fact that there are moves being put in place to create a mass calendar of local events of which COP 24/7 has been suggested as a possible resource.

One would think that after all this time, that being 10 years, that this platform would have been seen as the "go to" digital source for such information. Especially since COP 24/7 has offered breaking news, updates, links, video and was among the first LGBT podcast in Arkansas. And just to think all this was done without any ad support, grants or foundation awards, and limited content support from the LGBT community. However, it was done and as we prepare for our final days of COP 24/7, we will continue to follow our initial tenants of educate, empower and entertain in our own special and unique way. Enjoy the video and take a moment to think about your privilege...


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