Thursday, July 02, 2015

Thursday Take One

COP 24/7 Takes Route to Netroots Connect

Corneliusonpoint is excited to have been invited to participate in Netroots Connect 2015, July 15-19, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. As Arkansas's longest running LGBT focused blog, COP 24/7 is the first and only online entity from the state to be selected  to attend this conference since its inception in 2008.

The Netroots Connect program hosts pre-conference strategy sessions on key issues, prior to the NetRoots Nation conference that will be held afterwards. During the pre-conference gathering, participants will engage in sessions that include collaborative workshops, case studies and group discussions, as well as small group times for organizational leaders and bloggers/online activists to network. Organizers believe that this format will allow for ample time for discussing how better alliances can be formed and how activists can improve on both messaging and effectiveness.

Founded as The National LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative — later Netroots Connect — was founded as more than 60 leading LGBT online voices gathered in Washington, DC. For many it was the first time  they had met colleagues they had worked with virtually for years. Held at The Center for American Progress, the event featured three days of workshops and trainings on investigative reporting, management, building online income and media. Social events provided an opportunity for attendees to build relationships, many of which continue in the movement today.

COP 24/7 is proud to have been recognized for our 10 year activist and advocacy journey to fulfill our core tenants of educating, empowering and entertaining our readers. Stay tuned as we update about this significant opportunity to represent Arkansas.

The Ubuntu Bio Project

Among the maddening digital world of information overload, I do have some items that I actually look forward to seeing post.
One such favorite is The Ubuntu Project that gives me a dose of insight as well as a platform that illuminates "people who look like me." The page lives and breathes on Facebook under the direction of Mr. Stephen Maglott (pictured) of New York City. According to info on the page, it states that the
"Ubuntu Biography Project was born out of a desire to tell the largely untold stories of LGBTQ men and women of African descent, and to celebrate their remarkable contributions to our world. These are created in the hope that they will serve to educate and empower the whole community, while they give same-gender loving / Trans men and women of African descent ample reason to find pride in who they are, and to find strength in the dynamic and loving community they are connected with."
Why I like the page is the fact that I never know who Mr. Maglott is going to showcase or highlight. The page is not celebrity drive so much, but has a host of brother and sister's that have done all manner of great stuff and gives me a proud lift to learn how others are being apart of the solution rather than just talking about what hasn't been done.
Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term of Central and South Africa that is literally translated as "human-ness". A more common interpretation of its meaning translates as “I am, because we are.” It is an empowering affirmation of humanity’s interconnectedness and of our collective responsibility to cherish one another. It links each of us to our desire to live and love freely, our shared interest in our creative and spiritual connections, and in humanity's common lineage to African ancestry.
These biographies of remarkable men and women illuminate the story of our humanity through shared experiences, familiar hopes, our abundant love, our unique passions, our resilience in the face of challenges, and a common desire for community. Thanks Stephen for making me realize that, "I am, because we are," as well.


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