Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Can We talk!...some more!

There are 146 days left in 2007 and I keep thinking where the hell has the time gone. Just yesterday or at least last December 06 I was hospital bound. But, the wheels of the game keep turning and just like Beyonce or Timex, you choose, I take a licking and keep on ticking. And now the daily post....

Black Pride in the City: In a previous podcast, I announced area Black Pride events that were happening all over the mid-south area then, I quipped that:" they were happening everywhere but here!..." But I stand corrected as I was informed by an attendee of Little Rock's Black Gay Pride activities sponsored by Club Good Times owner Angie R. held, July 20-22. The events included a Saturday picnic in Reservoir Park complete with food, music, and HIV information being circulated and a afterparty "throw down" complete with a showcast from Memphis to boot. As the event was being reported to me, I inquried about the publicity of this event and learned that that the affair was promoted with spots on Hot 96, in-

house at the club and of course "word of mouth." Also, my keen eyewitness reported that Miss Angie has also sponsored a Skate Night at SkateWorld, with plans of more activities to be announced. With this in mind, I think it's time for me to stop in for a visit to find out what's really going on up in here! Beacuse, I don't like being left out of the loop, O.K.

Black Weblog Awards: It was always my hopes that this forum would at least develop a following of dedicated readers, but I never foresaw any awards potential, but you should never say never! As an online medium, we are eligilble to be nominated for a Black Welog Award in several categories according to the rules and regs posted by the organizers. We would like to encourage our supporters and readers alike, to log on and nominate, "CorneliusOnpoint. blogspot.com" for the areas you feel we have excelled in or best represents. They are as follows:

(please note that there are many categories, we feel these are where we qualify)

1. Best Writing in a Weblog
2. Best Blog Post
3.LGBT community service weblog
4.Best Personal Blog
5.Best Podcasting

You can log on to http://www.blackweblogawards.com/ Follow the instructions and then make your choices. Please know that this is a one person - one vote situation and we encourage you to share this good news with those who support our efforts as Arkansas online destination for the LGBT commuity and beyond! Vote now!!! We appreciate you!!! The awards will be announced in September.

Toga, Bears, Oh My!: The Diamond State Bear will be partying Toga Style, August 11th, the DSRA Clubhouse, 4525 Hoffman Road in Little Rock. Organizers state that there will be "no dress" code to get in but all are encouraged to participate as doors open at 9p.m. For more info you can check out the message boards of Sidetracks.

Pageants- R- Us: If you've missed a pageant recently, don't fret, there's more from where that came from! Item: Miss Gay Twin Cities will be held at The Factory, 8.12.07 featuring MGAR, Raven St. James and the return of Sabrina Maxwell, MGAR EOY 1995 Emeritus. Item: the first Annual Miss Gay Arkansas US of A at-Large pageant will commence during the Labor Day Weekend, (9.2.07) with a visit from it's current national title holder, Kathyrn York. Item: Miss Gay Central Arkansas winner is Diedrda Windsor Walker, with Jacouelyn Justice, 1st Alternate. Item: Miss Gay Arkansas America will be held at Backstreet, September 14-16, 2007 Did we miss a few, yes of course we did, go to http://www.missgayarkansas.com/ to see if there's a pageant to coming to your neck of the woods.

Little Rock Capital Pride is looking for people that are interested in serving on our Board of Directors. If you, or someone you know, would be interested, please contact Joe at: Joe@lrcpride.org for more info and dates.

Stonewall REPORTS: The Arkansas Stonewall Democratic Caucus represented by Jada Walker offered a presentation before the Arkansas Democratic Commitee on the progress of the group, it's preceieved projects, outreach to other caucuses and it's direction for the upcoming 08 election cycle. Big Kudos to Ms. Walker and the SDC for their continuing efforts and pursuits. To get involved you can go their website: http://www.stonewallarkansas.com/

We are here and ready to hear from you...!! Leave us a comment with your two cents.

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