Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Highs and Lows of a Daybreak

August 29 2005 will be one of those days that you will always remember where you were and what you were doing. It was the day the hurricane Katrina roared ashore in the Gulf Coast and few days later would bluster it's way through my area. As citizens around the country focus on the 2nd anniversary I remember this event vividly because I was at home due to my disabling health condition and awaiting surgery. Each day as the storm grew in strength and destructiveness, I could'nt help but think this entire situation looks like the perfect storm and I hoped that I was wrong. But contrary to my wishes I wasn't and it got worse both pre and post disaster. Probably just like the rest of the country, I became glued to the hourly broadcast with both television and radios blarring updates. Then, it happened-daybreak- when civilization seemed to unravel with breaking levies and suffering Americans on parade for my viewing. I have to admit I realized that the storm would inflict a devasting blow, but the serverity was almost too much to consume. Each day the entire situation seemed to grow worst and I was stumped as to where they hell is the calvary. We are the United States of America who usually swoops in answering the call of those in need. Ultimately, what I witnessed was a mass debacle from bayou state government stahlwarts to federal bigwigs who were overwhelmed to say the least. Daybreaks continued to reveal the misery, tensions, dispair and battles to survive as both New Orleans and all the Gulf Coast slowly mildewed in the summer heat. Flash forward to 2007 and I'm again witness to the story continuing to fester with successes and glaring oversights that have me wondering how 114 Billion dollars can't speed up the recovery. Reflecting on the wonderful outpouring from neighboring states, strangers and those who embraced the Love thy Neighbor parable while standing in the gap of the nations unpreparedness. Daybreak came again today as a friendly reminder that "K-Day" still lives and ensnares victims at the very same 9:38 a.m. timeframe two years later.Yet, somehow through it all, I've gotten a better understanding of the American spirit that sustains us, allowing us all a pathway to absorb celebrated high points and heartbreaking disappointments. I will never forget the impact of those daybreaks and how they've added to my life experiences meanwhile shaping my enthusiasm for a brighter day ahead.

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