Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cyberland, Me and U!

The mighty world of the internet and all that it emcompasses often has it's way of taking you to different levels and wave lengths. The awesomeness of this emerging technology has began leveling the playing field and allowing the masses a means of conveying information in the blink of an eye and personally, I'm embracing it with a passion. I want to thank those of you so far who have weighed in on what you think concerning our question about the format as well as flavor of this forum. I welcome more comments from those who wish to be on the record or off. I appreciate your opinions and heartfelt contributions to the conversation. Keep em coming!!!

Empowerment 101: In previous post I'm always harping about empowerment and it's affects to our community overall. I participated in the Business Afterhours project at Sidetracks, in search of trying to make those business minded within the community aware that a effort was being made to create a networking space, however, that meager offering came and went almost unnoticed. Yet, I was intrigued by the announcement that a August 19th Drag University was being promoted to assist those interested in the art of female impersonation and all the aspects of it. I was further struck by the fact that most likely this exercise probably would be well attended juxtaposed to the Business Afterhours networking event I tried to support. Could it be that we have more individuals yearning for make-up tips vs. boastering business connections? I am to understand that the art of illusion has more drawing power that the art of the deal making in Arkansas? Futhermore, I was even more bold over, when I got an e-mail from the organization, Castro 4 All, announcing "grants" to local San Francisco community members interested in pursuing learning the Bar & Hospitality business. These grants could be used as seed money to assist these "up and coming entreprenuers" with there prespective ventures after a review process. Whoa Nelly!!... as I thought to myself, meanwhile trying to comprehend such a project in one sitting. Let me analyze this... on the one hand this west coast community is creating an economic incubator to develop business concepts, while locally it seems an art form is being presented as a viable alternative? I would like to re-empahsize that, the Business Afterhours project wasn't my brainchild. I was a supporter and had high hopes that other business folks would entertain a networking zone among the like minded and that this concept would eventually lead to various other possible avenues of empowerment both personal as well as financial. I believe that it's imperative that a realistic assessment be taken on the money muscle or lack thereof in this community. This dilemma has an overall direct affect on our organizations seeking donations, area bars that cater to our needs and yes, even those impersonators who rely on those dollar bills to help offset cost or raise money for worthwhile causes. Ultimately, the $54,000 questions surrounds whether how realtive this issue is to this commuity and how to address it. I think it at least deserves some intensive roundtable discussion. If you think so, let me hear from you.

Prevention Voices: Jeremy Martin, facilitator of Many Men, Many Voices, the HIV education and prevention program, reports that the JCCSI special programs project is on target to reach proposed goals during the second quarter of the 2007. "I've been happy with the results thus far and hope to attract more individuals for the weekly sessions." said Martin. The program is designed to address HIV prevention methods, homophobia, and interpersonal relationship from a culturally sensitive approach within each in-house session. According to Martin, the peer to peer outreach aspect continues with informational materials and condoms being offered in area outlets such as Backstreet, Club Good Times and The Factory. If you know of anyone interested in participating call 501.663.7166 ext. 105


Oh Miss Jones: I've spent lot's to time dealing with the weight demons and I've always tried to be honest with myself. However, I was truly amused and somewhat suprised at the recent "tell all" from Star Jones Reynolds who states in an upcoming issue of Glamour magazine that she was afraid of what people might think about her amazing weight lost. Especially since she has now revealed that it was a gastric bypass that did the trick instead of that fitness routine shtick she was trying to sell to everyone. I've been fortunate that I've found an energy and sense of direction in handling my weight issues. First, get to the gym, back up from the table and be as realistic about the situation as possible. No wire, bypasses or rubber band here, just good old fashion discipline and restraint. Neverthless, my congrats go out the lady Reynolds because no matter how it was done, you looking good and probably feeling gorgeous!
READERS ALERT: There's nothing like keepin your house refreshed and your "chi" intact, therefore this forum will undergo another make-over in the coming weeks! So stay tuned and get ready for our new fall look as we continue to take it all to the next level. Don't forget we are your online destination for news, commentary, information, podcast and video!! If you've got the info, feel free to share it with us first!!!!
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