Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spin Cycles & Caravans

As the heatwave of 07 continues, I encourage everyone to not only find a cool spot, but check on love ones who may need assistance. In the meantime you can schedule participate in the "take a love one to the Doctor," day in September. Watch this forum for more information and links to local participating doctors or clinics.

Huck on a Roll: Perhaps it's a low fat roll that Mike Huckabee will be consuming while he's preparing to leverage his second place showing in the Iowa Straw poll. Huckabee's 18% was enough to bring him a political bump and quite a bit of national coverage of his nomination campaign. However mega big spender and winner Mitt Romney has deflected detractors who've insinuated that his win was bought lock, stock and barrel. Especially since other top tier heavyweights such as Giuliani and Mccain didn't show much interest in the event. Romney quppied that his 32% win is as far as he's concern is a win regardless of how it came about. According to Huckabee campaign workers the phones have not stop ringing for interviews or to request speaking engagements. I'm sure they hope that the buzz will eventually result in more dollars and cents.

Lavender Vote 08: Since I started voting many years ago, I never thought I'd ever seen the momentum and giddy up to address the GLBTQ community as I've seen with this years crop of presidential candidates. All the candidates seem to be "one uping " each other with interviews, Position Papers and appearances such as the LOGO TV and Human Rights Campagin forum expressly dedicated to GLBT issues. Even though the forum itself was groundbreaking, I didn't hear any earth shaking revelations from any of the candidates or significant missteps, except Bill Richardson who seemed a bit uncomfortable with it all and later recanted statements he made during the event. Organizations from around the country used the streaming event as a outreach tool. However, I don't think this was the case locally even though we have an active Stonewall Democrat Chapter who has announced their next meeting, August 16, 6 p.m. at Democratic HQ. I'm encouraging everyone whether you are Log Cabin Republican or a Stonewaller, get registered, get involved and then use your right to vote for the next leader of the free world. Check out the candidates website or GRNL's comprehensive analysis as a starting point. It's worth it. Here's some links: www.stonewalldemocrats.org , www.glbtq.com, www.eQualitygiving.org , www.LOGOTV.com , www.openseats.org , www.johnedwards.com , www.hillaryclinton.com , www.barackobama.com , www.mikehuckabee.com
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