Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tempest, Tounges and Tabernalces...Oh my!

As the heat wave of 07 continued and the pestilence sermons were spilling from pulpits everywhere, I was almost in an overload mode with the news of the week ranging from the jaw dropping wife beating minister episode to political wives on the attack. It's been a wild week and of course I have to have my say on the who, when, where and what's really going on in Central Arkansas....

PAGING MR. DSRA???: I was really intrigued with a recent post on the Sidetracks Yahoo group site, entitled, "Paging John Tyndall." The post was in search of the aforementioned Tyndall to enlist his services to help reliquish his "Mr. DSRA" title to the winner of the Diamond State Rodeo Associations Royalty pageant, August 25. Therefore, I did a bit of "paging" my self to further understand why the current title holder needed paging in the first place and I discovered at post time from close sources that there is some "discontent and disillusionment with the operations of DSRA," that may preclude JT from participating in the event. Of course folks do have a change of heart and things may proceed without incident. Meanwhile, we will be monitoring the outcome and keep you informed.

Easy Sour Notes: Recently I've been privy to a variety of conversations and discussions concerning the piano bar, Easy Street. Believe it or not, I make every attempt to seperate the extreme rumor to the plausible possibilites and then some. I understand that running a business on a day to day means is no easy task, but an array of patrons and supporters have been musing about inconsistencies, "event over booking" and an aloofness of management, namely Michael Henderson. I spoke with Henderson, not about specifics, but wanted his general observation in regards to the rumblings. He basically asserted ( and I expected no less) that "every thing was going well and doing fine." He dismisses the scuttlebut as "queens being queens." I don't frequent this spot often, but I have noticed the "musical chair" game of personnel that persist, also the bar sometimes is out of certain product which may have a reasonable explanation. Maybe and I have no substantiated proof,( but I didn't fall off a turnip truck yesterday) that the outfit is on a "cash basis" with vendors. Thusly meaning, NO Cash - NO Booze, and this position can be awkward to say the least. Meanwhile, the chatter rages on from whisperers and tipsters mentioning everything from lease agreement problems to ponzy-pyramid allegations involving investors. All I can say is that, "where there's smoke, there might be some fire." We'll keep checking the smoke signals to update you soon.

Religous Smackdown: Famed Televangelist, Juanita Bynum has filed charges against her estranged husband Bishop Thomas Weeks citing his assualt and battery attack August 22 in Atlanta, he turned himself in 8/24 to Fulton County police but was released on bail. News accounts have stated that the couple were meeting at an area Airport hotel to reconcile there embattled marriage, when Weeks began forcefully choking his wife, knocking her to the ground and began kicking her, then subsequenlty fleeing. Married in 2002 in a much publicized million dolllar extravaganza, the couple has been subject of much specualtion, redicule and there dual organizations demeened as "pulpit pimps" named Bynum-Weeks Inc. I have watched Bynum transition for a few years and thought her empowerment sermons were meaningful. I never ordered any books, DVD's or CD's, but her speeches teemed with uplifting promise based on her life as a homemaker, former flight attendant and now, a successful millionare entreprenuer. I find the continuing instances of domesitc abuse alarming and it's destructive fallout in our society. Bynum counterpart, Joyce Meyer has also publically revealed her bouts with abuse in her pre-ministry life demonstrating this type of agressiveness is far reaching even in religious circles. Yet depsite ongoing efforts from shelters and other programs, these attacks have become more sorted, brutal and sometimes fatal. I wonder what the congregation of Bishop Weeks' Global Destiny ministry has to say about this behavoir and criminal act from a individual who wrote a book with his wife about "show me how to love." Perhaps he needs to listen to the refrain from Bette Midlers inspirational hit, From a Distance, where she reminds us that, " ...God is watching us from a distance." Amen.

Cox Family Feud: Therrre Back, Jerry Cox and his band of Family Council followers with a another ballot proposal that's been submitted to Attorney General D. Mc Daniel for review and possibly being placed on the 2008 ballot. This outing dosen't spell out homosexuals distinctly but rather takes the approach that all "unmarried couples" are unfit to adopt children or serve as foster parents in Arkansas.
“As we looked into this issue, we discovered that cohabiting heterosexual homes were not good places for children, either,” said Jerry Cox, president of the Family Council. The organization, if approved by the AT will need at least 61,000 signatures by July 08 to have it on the ballot and have vowed to use there proven network of supporters who are pressed into action with such measures. The Family Council, which is affiliated with Colorado-based Focus on the Family, was the leading organization behind the constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples. Rob Shafer, the Little Rock attorney who helped draft the wording, also helped write the marriage amendment, which voters approved by a 3-to-1 margin. Apparently it's time to circle the wagons and get ready for another fight. Watch this forum for contact information and links.

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