Monday, August 27, 2007

Spin Cycles and Caravans - Part 2

And the world goes round and round and round...but somehow I'm still staying hopeful, prayerful and on point as this forum will be celebrating our 4th anniversary in September. Who knew? I can't believe that I've composed over 50,000 words or so in what started as a blog entitled, Talking Out Loud. At that time, I wasn't even sure what the hell was a "blog" anyway and could I actually produce something that anyone would want to read. But, as the technology continued to evolve, so did my learning curve as well as our direction resulting in today's, The Body Politic. It's been a good run so far and I feel that it's only get better. Stick around and watch us grow!!

Royalty Round-Up: Congratulations to the newly selected DSRA Royalty Team for 2008. Winners are:

Ms. DSRA -Kris Baldwin

Miss DSRA - Diamond Rose

Mr. DSRA -Rick Loftis

MsTER DSRA - Dusty West

I had not been to the Clubhouse in some time, but usually I've always had a pretty good time and this outing was no different. I felt welcomed from the pleasant greeting at the front door to the welcoming bartender, Nathan, who gave me the run down on there upcoming events and a hearty invite to return. The pageant was an interesting mix co-hosted by Mycha Michelle and Crystal Love. Unfortunately for the organizers the current Miss DSRA, Rita Rogers couldn't attend due to ongoing illness. Our prayers go out Rogers and I was happy to hear the supportive attitude from the membership. Mr. DSRA, John Tyndall was also MIA (missing in action) as announced by Ms. DSRA Janice Walters. We alluded to this possiablity in our 8/25 post citing that there seemed to be irreconcilable differences that would preclude him from participating. I spoke with JT to get the skinny about his decision and he prefaced his comments as "off the record." But from his explanation, I had to decipher that egos and issues are at the root of the problem. Isn't it always? Meanwhile, the evening proceeded with other "hits and misses". Hit: Elizabeth Trailor, D'yor and each contestant were diversely entertaining. Miss: A few audience members had to be chided about there noise level as we struggled to hear the answers during the on stage question of the competition. It was distracting, but I endured. HIT: a bar special of $1.00 Miller Lite Longnecks was a nice value even though the regular prices are hit as well. Miss: It seems to me that the royalty competition field is plagued with a "repeat-recycle syndrome," due to a lack of growth or perhaps participation. I fully understand trying to find committed persons who will be up to the task is a problem all unto itself. However, I applaud the DSRA for having staying power despite the odds and adversities that have come it's way over the years, especially producing it's annual rodeo or maintaining it's club space. I have high hopes and words of encouragement for it's newly installed team which will have to infuse the organization with a public relations campaign, significant fundraising stratergies and if the group is to survive they must create a synergy among the membership with diplomatic leadership. Therefore, if you are looking for a nice change of pace, I challenge all pub crawlers to giddy on up to clubhouse to show your support. Tell em we sent ya!!
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Steve Thomas said...


It was so nice too see you at the DSRA Cluhouse this weekend.

Needless too say, we were pleased with the large turn-out of friends and members.

We will keep you informed on activites and up coming events. The DSRA is a worthy and needed organization. The newly elected board is looking for ideas and suggestions from our community.

The Diamond State Rodeo Assn. will sponsor the End of Summer Swimsuit Competition this Sunday September 2 at 5pm, at the clubhouse. Grab your beach towels and sandals and head on out for an early evening of laughs, fun and friendship. $3.00 admission, tips too benefit HPWA.

Categories for competition will include :

Best Overall
Best Female (real Girl)
Best Male
Best Drag Queen
Best TGendered
Best Bear Swimsuit Model
Most Outrageous
Best Comedy Swimsuit
Hottest Guy
Hottest Girl
Best WESTERN Swimsuit
Best High Fashion Swimsuit
Skimpiest Swim Suit
Best Couples Matching or Paired Swim Suit
Best PRIDE Swimsuit

The talented and beautiful Big Momma will be our judge for this end of summer event. Prizes will be awarded in each category. ( One free DSRA membership, t-shirts, and other various gifts will be awarded. ) We will also be offering discounted memberships and drink specials all evening.

Grab your Beachboys CD's, or your Bananarama, Cruel Cruel Summer lyrics and join in the fun.

Please Visit Our Sister Bars. Club UBU, Sidetracks, Backstreet, Easy Street, Jesters and Club XLR8.

DSRA always reminds you to practice Safe Sex, Education=Prevention. Condoms available at the door.