Monday, August 20, 2007

On point and Stayin ahead of the Curve! Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all those who haven't decided, it' still hot. Yes very hot and it's going to hotter as election 08 goes into full tilt. In our last post we alluded to the groundbreaking Democratic Debate forum featured on LOGO and perhaps for those who might have missed it we felt that at least a short version should lead this post. To view it you just simply click, play and listen. After that you can check out all the other news tidbits we uncovered from around town.

Awards Closed: For the first time this forum was attempting to participate in the Black Weblog Awards that began at the beginning of the month. However, do to my inexperience and somewhat confusion, as I was alerting readers about how to nominate us, the organizers sent word that "due to overwhelming interest," the nominations would be closed 8.15.07. I don't think I got the word out as quickly or created the buzz that I had intended. Therefore, I'm sure that none of you even got a chance to nominate us, since we were not able to do so ourselves and rightly so. Even after the balloting began, other bloggers were still quibling about even more "categories" being offered and when I began the process I discovered that at least one finalist had actually nominated there Blog which was suppose to be against the rules. My goodness I thought!! Just how many categories does one award platform need, especially since there is no real prize involved just a bit of headiness for the producer and maybe some exposure at best. Anyway, if you got a chance to do so, I appreciate it, if not, it's not a lost, because I'm always standing proud in the winner's circle life and that's enough for me.

It's My Party...: Sidetracks co-owner, Jim is not revealing his age, but he celebrated another "anniversary" with his partner Phillip and guest with a bash, 8.19.07. The event was announced with a too cute invitation picturing a young Jim beaming and looking innocently into the camera. (photo right) The menu was a buffet fit for a king featuring Spinach Dip, Assorted Fruits, Mexican Dip, other munchy snacks and a "bottom's Up" speciality cake was extremely tasty courtesy of the in-house chef, J.D. Also, thanks Phillip and staff for your well wishes on my own birthday(8/20) I appreiciate the shout out!!!

Under the Crown: Congrats to Diva Dinery, Miss Gay Twin Cities Arkansas America and Makayla Blake, 1st alternate from the pageant held at The Factory. They qualify to enter the MGAA coming later this year.

Oh Miss Jones!: Are you ready for some star gazing? Well the old girl's back...her, Star Jones! The debut talk show apatly named "Star Jones" on August 20, on Court TV, is old territory since she began her TV career there. According to her, the show isn't all about her, but how pop culture collides with the justice system. Whew, how did they come up with that concept? As ususal, the grist mill has been in overdrive about Jones and hubby, Al Reynolds. Alledgedly, they've moved to Miami to get away from it all and the gossip pages have stated that Mrs. Reyonlds has told her husband he should resume his career. In other words, "get a J O B !" my brother. It's all fair in love and dwelling bank accounts. Yet, it's Miss Jone's bypass/ lapband surgery and her admission about it is the real back story that's capturing the spotlight. Meanwhile, I can't wait for those hard hitting interviews from fallen stars and those who are on the mend while dining on low carb morsels while finding themselves. The newly selvte Jones should be in perfect form as she dissects the issues and implosions of the rich and famous. You go girl!

Get Set, Get Ready, Get a new Look!

Well, Star Jones is not the only one getting a new look, so will, The Body Politic. Coming September 1 Arkansas' Online destination for news, commentary, video, podcasting and so much more has plans to shake things up with new features, guest writiers, polls, links and free stuff to boot! Got ideas? Share them with us by leaving us a message on the comment icon. We love to hear from you!

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